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Imagine a warm toasted tortilla filled with juicy shredded beef slow-cooked to perfection, flavored with a blend of traditional Mexican spices. The cheese melts in your mouth and blends beautifully with the fresh flavors of chopped onions and coriander. This is the Quesaviria experience, a culinary treasure that offers a truly immersive journey into the soul of Mexican cuisine.

Rise of Quesaviria

Biria tacos originated in Jalisco, western Mexico, with roots dating back to the 16th century. Its beginnings coincided with the colonization of Mexico by Spain, which brought about major changes in the local cuisine. The Spaniards preferred livestock such as goats, but considered goat meat undesirable. But the indigenous people of Mexico have demonstrated culinary creativity and resilience by transforming this overlooked ingredient into a tender, flavorful stew. Today, Biría is a testament to Jalisco’s rich culinary history and the ingenuity of those who overcame colonial impositions and turned humble ingredients into timeless culinary masterpieces.

Biria’s evolution into quesaviria, a captivating fusion of biria and quesadilla, is a testament to the creativity and dynamism of Mexican cuisine. This innovative dish emerged when chefs and home cooks began incorporating the flavorful meats of his biria stew into tortillas, creating mouth-watering combinations that quickly became popular. Quesaviria’s unique blend of flavors and textures has made it a standout dish not just in Mexico, but on the street food scene around the world. Today, the dish still brings people together at the same table, injecting warmth and vibrancy into any occasion and serves as a reminder of the rich culinary traditions it represents.

A Tale of Two Tacos: Viria Tacos and Quesaviria

Biria tacos and quesaviria are similar in many ways, but there are some key differences that set them apart. The main feature of the biria taco is the tender, slow-cooked meat of biria, a traditional Mexican stew, served in a tortilla. Tortillas are often dipped in a thick broth of consommé or stew before being stuffed with meat and garnishes such as onions and cilantro. Quesaviria, on the other hand, is a delightful fusion of biria and quesadilla, with tortillas filled not only with flavorful biria meat but also melty cheese. As with biria tacos, dipping the tortillas in consommé before cooking results in a crunchy, cheesy and flavorful treat.


Can I use a different kind of meat?

Biria is traditionally made with goat or beef, but cooking times may vary, but lamb or chicken can always be substituted if desired. Be aware that using meats other than goat or beef may alter the flavor and texture of this entire dish.

What kind of tortilla should I use?

You can use corn tortillas or flour tortillas, depending on your preference. Corn tortillas are traditional, but flour tortillas work just as well.

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Quesaviria is usually served hot with a consommé (a thick soup made from cooked meat). Sprinkle with fresh lime wedges, radish slices and chopped coriander for extra freshness.

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