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Ram’s Super Bowl spot offers a cure for ‘Premature Electrifcation’

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A Super Bowl commercial for rum is out and we love it. The bad news is that seeing so many of the concept truck’s unique features fall by the wayside, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to overcome my disappointment. We talked about wanting to build a truck that outperforms electric pickups and touring the country to talk with customers about what features are important to them. Then, a month or so ago, “Here’s what I learned about all the cool things you can put in an electric pickup. In fact, many of these features are great in a conventional pickup as well.” Very cool.

Turns out the CES track was a concept. But it’s been a long time since we’ve had a concept that’s been touted for so long that it’s worth the hype and debuted so close to a very different production model. The ‘Breathtaking Design’ section lists ‘Bold Grille’, ‘Dynamic Details’, ‘Distinctive Lighting’ and ‘Charging Identification Light’. This is not equal to it.

Anyway, this commercial, with a theme like a prescription ad for the antidote to “premature electrification,” is Kmart’s “ship my pantsCampaign. Ram Spot’s worried narrator asks if he fears that moving to electric too soon “may not last as long as he likes.” If he wants to catch fish, new equipment. There is. Anything missing from the commercials is ridiculous. Medical marketing names and six-second fast-read gibberish about side effects like intestinal bleeding and death. These are two more good things So enjoy watching, and maybe put a deposit on the real track. on a dedicated site If you are so inclined

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