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Reddit just expanded the r/Place canvas, and there are already messages cursing the CEO

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Reddit on Friday added more space to r/Place’s collaborative canvas, giving users additional space to collaborate on drawing pixel art. Shortly after the space was added, users began writing protests against the site and his CEO Steve Huffman.

The expanded canvas extends further to the right. As I write this, there’s already a spot in memory of YouTuber Technoblade, a continuation of the German flag at the top of the canvas, a vertical French flag on the right, and a repetition of the phrase “fuck spez” after Huffman’s username.

Check out the progress of the 2023 canvas in the gallery below. Updated while r/Place is live.

r/Place works by allowing the user to drop a pixel of any of the eight colors anywhere on the canvas, but has to wait a few minutes before being able to drop another color. Communities work together to jointly create art or write messages, even if it’s just for fun. in its own subreddit or at A more protest-focused community. Reddit added to the canvas twice during the period 2022 iteration of r/PlaceSo it’s no big surprise that it happened again this year.

Now, with more art crammed onto canvas, it’s generally harder to find protest images and words. But users have kept the phrase “u/spez ist ein hurensohn” on the German flag (which Google Translate translates to “u/spez is the son of a bitch”) and billboards advertising it. Save3rdPartyApps Community It reads: “Never forget what has been stolen!”according to Canvas rules for r/Place“Private harassment or harassment” will be removed and “Hateful, graphic, explicit or offensive posts, comments or images violate our policies.”

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