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Residents in Sylmar concerned over illegally parked RVs – NBC Los Angeles

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The fate of several RVs illegally parked on Sylmar’s property could be known later this month.

The landlord has been charged with two misdemeanors and will appear before a judge. But the bigger question is what happens to tenants.

A court appearance is looming in less than two weeks, which is a concern for the family living in the RV. There are over 20 RVs on site.

One of the residents, Marcelina López, said fear could return to the streets.

Lopez is worried about her future. Because she lived in her car, it’s been less than a month since she lost sight of her son, who lives in an RV.

Lopez said she works for a waste company and finds it painful to hear words like “homeless” and “dirty”. Everyone has a chance to succeed, she said.

Lopez is one of many families living in RVs parked on the property on Hubbard and Lucas Streets in Sylmar.

On Friday, residents met with city officials who described themselves as part of the housing department. Residents said they received a form with more questions than answers about their future housing situation.

“It’s good that something is being done about it, but don’t get me wrong, we’re sorry for anyone who might be kicked out. That’s not our intention,” said a Christian neighbor. Huerta said.

Cruz Florian Godoy is the homeowner and does not have a permit for the RV, according to court documents. Tenants told NBC4 that Godoy charges rent and waives it in full during tough times.

“Housing is expensive, and apartments are very expensive. It’s great what they’ve done, but do it the right way. Put the porta toilet in,” wishing to be identified only with Debbie. Another neighbor said,

Located on Hubbard and Lucas Streets, the property sits on the border of the cities of San Fernando and Los Angeles.

“We will continue to work with the City Attorney, the LAPD, and San Fernando City officials to accelerate the cleanup of the private property in question,” said Los Angeles City Council member Monica Rodriguez in a statement.

“People need to stand in our shoes to understand the nightmare of being kicked out of their homes,” Lopez said.

NBC4 reached out to the city of San Fernando and the city of Los Angeles, but did not receive a response.

Godoy faces two misdemeanor counts for the offense and is expected to appear in court later this month.

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