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Sana Javeri Kadri’s Oakland Home Bursts With Colorful Mumbai Pride

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“Can you see my central identity being homesick?” Sana Javeri Kadori, is 29 years old from Mumbai and now lives in Oakland, CA. “Every time I visit Mumbai, I bring home something quirky, like the ceramic pickle jars her grandmother made.” Here, Diaspora Co., Ltd. The founder shows us around the two-bedroom house he shares with his roommate…

living/dining area

sofa: floyd. Settee: floyd. coffee table: Dirk van der Cooy. Pink Armchair: Found on the sidewalk. brass lamp: west elm. plant: home depot, BLK Girls Green House, East Bay Nursery Schooland Rooted.

To find the location: During the pandemic, my then-partner and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in East Oakland. We were looking for a home with an outdoor space where our dog could fetch and play and where we could sit outside and breathe. When I first saw this house, it had a dog door and met all the criteria. So, I moved here in August 2020.

About the new chapter: When my ex moved last year, it was a tough transition. I am not good at living alone. I’m definitely a “get along with everyone” group. I ended up living alone for eight months until my friend Mirell moved in. And the funny thing is, she doesn’t like being alone either. When you’re both at home, you’re always drawn to the same room, even if you’re doing different things. If she’s not there even for a night, I’m like, ‘Mirrell? Can you come back now? ? ? “

Standing wall shelf: accessible design. Diaspora’s signature: cafe artist“Mumbai’s iconic illustrator”.

On the market you will find: My mother and I found a pair of wooden devi and deva heads at Chor Bazaar, one of India’s largest flea markets. My mother now has a red Devi in ​​Mumbai and I have this yellow Devi. These came from a temple that was being demolished, and I like to think of them as gateways between our homes.

Pencil: Chor Bazaar, Mumbai. alligator: barefoot“Nice fabric shop in Sri Lanka”.

About childhood memories: I was 3 when I took this ice cream photo. My father and I plan to recreate it on our next return trip. He’s even grown his mustache out for that!

table: waka waka. table runner: block shop. Dining chair: Duesen Duesen. Bookshelf: floyd. chandelier: west elm, resemble.

About a dream come true: I’ve always been a cookbook nerd. When I was her 16, my mother and I visited San Francisco for the first time, omnivorous book. I thought, “Someday I’ll publish a cookbook here.” Today, with a 2025 publication date, it feels like it’s come full circle. diaspora cookbook.

Sana Kadri House Tour

Tiger salt cellar: Diaspora Inc..

About using the cookbook: There is an app called eat a book, to create a visual index of all cookbooks. So if you have cauliflower in your fridge, just type “cauliflower” and you’ll get a list of all the cauliflower recipes in your cookbook. Then publish a book based on it.

Sana Kadri House Tour

Tiger Mask: Myanmar craft shop. Burkart: Find a sidewalk.

About delicious cocktails: India now makes some of the best gins in the world. Every time I go, I bring 4 bottles home. A fun party trick is to take them all out and taste them with your friends.my favorite is Pumori — It’s very cardamom-like. After a long day, he likes to make gin-based Dirty martinis and mix them with pickles.I know it’s overkill, but it’s So good.

Sana Kadri House Tour

Illustration of a woman hugging: manjit tap.

Settling in: The decoration took place at a slow pace. After moving in, he didn’t hang a ceiling light for seven months. I like to look for things on the sidewalk, so that takes time. Occasionally, when I find something I like, I pick it up and keep it in my garage for a few months. I pulled it out when I was ready and it fit perfectly.


Sana Kadri House Tour

Cabinet painting: benjamin moore forest green. Cupboard: Yamazaki.

About the weekend ritual: In my spare time, I hang out in the kitchen. On Sunday nights, I always make hearty salads and soups and invite friends over. My table comfortably accommodates 6 of her, but periodically he expands to 14. Push the sofa against the wall and add a folding table at the end of the dining table and cover both with a tablecloth.

Sana Kadri House Tour

spices: Diaspora Co., Ltd. brass daba: Diaspora Inc.. Chili Oil: fly by gin.

Here’s a recipe that will please the masses: my favorite recipe is Biryani, 100%. A large pot of spiced saffron rice with lamb, chicken, beef and vegetables. Basically, the aim is for the meat to be tender enough to fall off the bone and the rice to be perfectly distinguishable. It is served in a large earthenware pot on the table, and when you open the lid, steam rises up like this. It’s all so magical.


Sana Kadri House Tour

paint: benjamin moore hot lips, “Hot pink is a very Indian color and is often used on walls all over Mumbai.” Desk: I found the sidewalk. Tiger Sculpture: HLA day. Tiger Jar: HLA day. Floating shelf: west elm. Illustrations by Sana Kadori: minar patel“Minal had this portrait of me in his book. South Asian Supergirl Story” Matrilineal print: George McAllman.

About Tiger: For those of us who are Indian and grew up in America, tigers and elephants may seem like very common symbols of India.But in Mumbai I grew up visiting here Ranthambore National Park Rajasthan is rich in tigers. My parents also sang a coined word about me being ferocious like a tiger. So tigers were a big part of my childhood. Now, when I find a beautifully crafted tiger piece during my travels, I pick it up.

About working from home: I started a company straight out of college with very little money and no budget. for a long time, Diaspora Co., Ltd. I was alone in the living room. We grew so much during the pandemic that me and our team worked on Zoom and then we all worked from home. My house had a kitchen and was already in the colors of Diaspora, so it just wasn’t worth the big bucks to have an office. We spent chaotic days here testing recipes and photographing products, becoming experts at every corner of the space. Plus, I think the best creativity comes when you have to hit a wall and make it work.

Sana’s bedroom

Sana Kadri House Tour

Bedspread: bed thread. Lag: block shop. Surfing print: Leah Leena Goren. curtain: the goal.

About the bedtime ritual: To be honest, I scroll through TikTok until I’m exhausted in bed at night. Cute puppy and baby content is the key to turning my brain off.

Sana Kadri House Tour

Bedspread: bed thread. Nightstand: Vayou sold out, resemble. Desk lamp: conway electric. Dumpling nightlight: smoko Book: 100 queer poems.

About making a home like home: I grew up in a large family. We are Hindus, Muslims and Jains. Coming from North and South India, different parts of my family struggle to understand each other. There was a lot of opposition and conflict. But food is the connector. Family gatherings bring people from all over the world together with their signature dishes. Recently, I have a feeling that I want to reproduce that feeling. Most of my friends are fellow immigrants in their late twenties and alone in their new country. So we’re finding a home together here while having dinner in the community. Even if I’m tired, I like to make my home a meeting place and have that little feeling once a week.

Thank you very much sana, we love your home!you can follow her InstagramIf you don’t mind.

PS There are also other residential tours, such as a Minnesota house with an adorable dog and a family home in the Japanese countryside.

(Photo courtesy: Melati Sitrawireja. Styled by Cyn Hollingshead. )

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