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Shelby’s 800-hp Ford F-150 celebrates Carroll Shelby’s 100th birthday

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Carroll Shelby would have turned 100 in 2023.To mark the occasion, Las Vegas-based tuner Shelby American Limited edition of the F-150 It includes a long list of mods, including a supercharger that puts out 800 horsepower.

Based on the four-wheel-drive Lariat Super Crew model, the Centennial Edition uses the stock truck’s 5.0-liter, 400-horsepower V8 in its standard configuration. If Carroll Shelby were alive, she would definitely squeeze more power out of the engine, and that’s exactly what Shelby did. An optional supercharger kit doubles her output to 800 horsepower and features a high flow air her filter, aluminum heat exchanger and high flow fuel injectors. The engine, whether supercharged or not, is exhausted through the Borla exhaust system.

Performance specs haven’t been released, but it should deliver supercar acceleration with supercar power, even on relatively large and heavy trucks. Upgraded front and rear brake pads, rotors and rear traction bars keep power under control. And while Shelby has designed some of his F-150-based builds for the street, his edition of the Centennial is redesigned, including his Raptor-style Fox 2.5 shocks with internal bypass technology and lift. Thanks to the engineered suspension, you’ll feel right at home even when you’re off the sidewalk. kits and other parts.

A variety of normal visual modifications complement the mechanical modifications. Shelby adds a dual-vented bonnet, a new-look grille with logos proudly displayed front and center, stripes, emblems, body-colored wheel arch flares and 22-inch wheels. Inside, you’ll find Centennial Edition badging (including a numbered plate on the dashboard), carbon fiber trim, and black leather upholstery.

Shelby plans to limit North American production of the 2023 model year F-150 Centennial Edition to 100 aircraft. Prices start at $129,450 for his naturally aspirated 400-horsepower truck and $138,495 for the supercharged 800-horsepower model. Buyers can purchase this model from select Ford and Tuscan dealers, and all Centennial His editions come with his three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

If you missed the chance to put a Centennial Edition in your driveway, or just want a more powerful truck without the six-figure price tag or cosmetic changes, Ford Performance recently added a 5.0-liter displacement boost called the FP700 tuning package. announced. The power of the V8 reaches 700 horsepower. Priced at $12,350 excluding installation costs, it is compatible with current-generation F-150s with V8 engines.

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