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So here’s the deal with those weird Demon leprechaun teasers

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Much like the original Demon’s launch, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 campaigned for its reveal with a cryptic teaser. And from the start, we were a little baffled as to why a nightmare-fueled leprechaun was at their center, so he asked Dodge head Tim Kuniskis about the deal. I was. After all, they really had a nightmare.

Apparently, at some point in the development process, when it was time to wrap up the car’s publicity, he had a bad dream centered around a leprechaun. And, well, he kind of went with it. He brought it up and, with the help of his team, was able to figure out a way to connect the Demon 170 with the fearsome leprechaun.

Connections actually have some meaning. The car has a kind of evil and mischievous character. It goes wild with alcohol (see drip teaser). Leprechauns are often associated with alcohol. Leprechauns are also very fast. And it all makes a little sense now that it’s revealed right around St. Patrick’s Day.

Either way, we’re happy the 170 is here. Can’t wait to drive.

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