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Souls of Chronos launches February 14 for PS5, Switch, and PC

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the publisher Astrolabe game and Chinese developers FUTU studio will release RPGs Soul of Kronos for PlayStation 5, switchWhen computer via vapor The two companies made the announcement on February 14. Support English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese options.

Here’s a rundown of the game by Astrolabe Games:


Soul of Kronos Adopt classic isometric JRPGs experience, blend action gamePlay for that combat system. Players play as a combination of “Sid”, a boy who longs for the outside world, and “Chronos” and “Tori”, who are shrouded in mystery and transcend time. adventureAstera and the port town beyond.

The game is divided into 5 chapters. Within this intricate web of events, the choices the player makes throughout the game ultimately lead him to four different endings and determine Astera’s fate.

Background: New World after the Apocalypse

Fifteen years after the catastrophe called “Apocalypse”, the world is still in a period of great turmoil. Astera, a port town far from the center of the Valois Empire, is no exception.

Local gangs, slum-dwellers, outside forces and secret societies – all these factions clash over their respective goals and interests. Under these tensions, Astera’s fragile peace is on the verge of reverting to full-scale conflict.

In a world where time holds great power, new species emerge with unique gifts. Chronos has the ability to manipulate time itself with the special ability “Chrono”, and is connected to the human partner “Linked” by the mysterious “Chronopact”.

Here in Astera, a young boy named Cid longs to escape this small port town and explore the world beyond, but when he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous and mysterious affair. , his plans are abruptly interrupted. .

Characters: Friends of Astera

Various characters with visions, beliefs, personalities and circumstances will unravel the mystery of Astera with Cid and Torey.

As Cid, you have the power to forge alliances and shape your own personality through your actions and dialogue options. Please. Cooperate with people you trust to weather the impending storm that threatens this land.

The Combat: Forge Your Own Style: Customizable weapons and time-bending chrono powers

Torey joins the battle as Cid’s partner and fights alongside Cid. Leveling up allows the player to select different skills to master different fighting styles. Also, as the story progresses, the pair will be able to unlock new mechanics.

As a mighty Chronus, Torii can unleash special Chrono powers that allow her to manipulate time and turn the tide of battle whenever she finds herself at a disadvantage. Syd, on the other hand, can choose two of her weapons to equip at the same time, for a total of six different weapon types. Each has its own upgrade path. Find the fighting style that works best for you and fight the most fearsome enemies. !

Check out the launch trailer below. View a new series of screenshots in the gallery.

launch trailer



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