Anton Goddard-Williams

Anton and Toby have been struggling with something lately…

… memorize the multiplication tables. (Pop Quiz! 12×12? 9×6? 7×8?) We were going through them at dinner and tried a few things — button machinegood old flash card — but the numbers weren’t very sticky.

then i found this poster At my sister’s house, something about it felt intuitive. Listing each number separately felt more digestible than one big grid. So I ordered one of hers and taped the poster up in the bathroom. I thought boys could wash their hands, brush their teeth, dry their hands, and stare at the poster.

best multiplication tables

Will it work? Time will tell. Then, honestly, I forgot about it.

Back to yesterday. Anton was doing his math homework and I noticed him skipping over it. He quickly solved his 11×11 (121!) and said his personal favorite was his 9×9 (cool he’s 81). When I asked him why it all worked out in the end, he said: bath poster.

how awesome is that? Thought I’d pass by—sometimes it’s the little things!

PS Slam Dunk birthday gift and pizza calculator.