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Tesla AI account teases start of Dojo production next month

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One of Tesla’s official Twitter accounts seems to have teased something serious, at least regarding the company’s efforts to deploy Dojo supercomputers. According to an image shared on Twitter, production on Dojo is set to begin in July 2023.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, Tesla has set up several accounts for various projects. These included dedicated accounts for Tesla Energy and Tesla Charging. More recently, EV enthusiasts have observed: Tesla AI Dedicated Account was also created.

As part of the first thread, the Tesla AI account discussed how the company is building the underlying model for autonomous robots. The account also featured Tesla’s multimodal neural networks, which are already in use in the company’s vehicles. Many posts also discussed how AI innovations paved the way for solutions such as automatic labeling.

The Tesla AI account emphasized that the company trains its models on large and highly diverse real-world data from vehicles. This data is then trained with heavy computation. To illustrate this point, Tesla AI’s Twitter account provided a chart that projected the company’s computing growth over the next few months.

The chart highlights some optimistic predictions for Tesla’s AI efforts, including Dojo production starting in July 2023. Tesla also predicted that his company’s computing would be world-class around January 2024. And Tesla will reach 100 exaflops of its own computing by October 2024.

Deploying Dojo and training its models is a key part of Tesla’s efforts to bring advanced AI to consumer products. This is critical for solutions such as Autopilot and fully autonomous driving designed to replace human drivers on the road, and Optimus designed to perform tedious, repetitive and dangerous tasks.

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