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Tesla ‘Full Self Driving’ Now Available to All Tesla Owners

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Just by pressing a button on the dashboard screen, Tesla owner You can now access automanufacturer controversial Fully self-driving beta programIt is of course that they Reduced booking price of $15,000 to equip their cars with features. Considering how FSD has worked so far in the real world, caution is warranted.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the development of Tweet on Thanksgiving holiday. Previously, FSD could only be used by drivers deemed safe enough to use the software responsibly. This was determined by a driver monitoring system that scores relative recklessness and prudence.now, All Tesla owners including Former customer not safe To use the system, you have full access and according to bloomberg.

T.He controversial driving aid system Musk never really hit the target Set.Remember, he promised before by 2020 This technology allows the vehicle to be operated safely without a person at the wheel. Can you guess what didn’t happen? Exactly. As Bloomberg explained, various messages from Tesla have raised a number of legal and regulatory issues.

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigating A person familiar with the matter said last month about Tesla’s self-driving claims.

Customers in California want collective action The status of his lawsuit, filed in September, alleging Tesla deceptively marketed its driver assistance systems.

California Department of Motor Vehicles defendant The company said in August that it misled consumers about its FSD and Autopilot systems.

the system plagued by problemsThis includes serious safety issues such as turning or driving into oncoming traffic.

Bloomberg reports that Musk is exploiting U.S. interests. A relatively non-intrusive approach to regulation of autonomous driving technologyThis approach has not been very successful in Europe.

‘In the US, things are legal by default,’ Musk told fans at a recent event Tesla’s Berlin factory, As reported by Bloomberg“In Europe, it’s illegal by default, so you have to get approval in advance, but in the United States.S.you can do it more or less with your own perception.

A spokesperson for the National Highway Transportation Safety Board told Bloomberg that today’s American roads are mostly “wild west.”

‘It’s a disaster waiting to happen,’ says spokesperson Said.

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