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Tesla giga casting gets its biggest supporter yet from legacy auto

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In a Toyota announcement earlier this week, the long-established Japanese automaker said it would use a “Gigacasting” system for its upcoming electric vehicles. Like Tesla, Toyota intends to produce the car body from a modular structure, he said, from three main components, allowing for “great integration of components.”

“On the production axis, the car body is built from three main components in a new modular structure. The adoption of Gigacasting enables greater component integration, which helps reduce vehicle development costs and factory investment.” I got it.

The use of Giga casting was pioneered by Tesla in the Model Y crossover. It uses home-sized machines that can produce aluminum parts that are significantly larger than those used in traditional car manufacturing. This system would allow him to build one part instead of dozens, such as the Model Y’s rear underbody.

Analysts estimate that the system likely helped Tesla achieve its goals. Industry-leading profitability.

In what appears to be another nod to Tesla’s futuristic factory, Toyota also plans to introduce a “self-driving” assembly line where the vehicles produced essentially drive themselves through the manufacturing process. also said that This is an ambitious target and will likely require significant investment from automakers.

While giga casting has many advantages, it also presents unique challenges. The Giga casting machine is very expensive, so it’s perfect for companies like Tesla that only produce a few models. Automakers like Toyota are likely to offer a range of next-generation electric vehicles, and the investment required for Gigacasting is likely to be even greater. Vehicles made with Giga castings are also expected to be more difficult to repair in the event of an accident.

Giga Casters are manufactured by a number of companies, including IDRA, which makes Tesla’s machines. Since 2008, IDRA is a division of LK Industries in China. Other giga press manufacturers include Buhler Group, Shibaura Machine, Yizumi and Haitian.

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