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Tesla Model 3 prototype spotted ahead of rumored design refresh

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A new camouflaged Tesla Model 3 prototype has been spotted in California ahead of next year’s rumored update.

Last week there was a rumor that T.Esla is working on a Model 3 refresh scheduled for late 2023..

The project is reportedly codenamed “Highland”.

Over the last few years, Tesla has integrated its large casting technology into the Model Y, replacing dozens of parts in an electric SUV with a single large casting.

This new technology allowed Tesla to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency for the Model Y compared to the Model 3. CEO Elon Musk has said Tesla will eventually bring the same tech to the Model 3, though he wasn’t sure exactly when.

The problem is that such an update to the Model 3 would temporarily slow down production, which Tesla couldn’t afford to do while it still increased production of the Model Y.

However, Model Y production is now starting to outpace Model 3 production, so it might be a good time for Tesla to refresh the Model 3 and redesign it with a larger front and rear casting. Hmm.

A prototype of the new Model 3 was spotted by a Twitter user in Santa Cruz, California. omg_Tesla/Libyan:

The Model 3 is fitted with maker’s plates to mark it as Tesla-owned, and the heavy camouflage on the front and back of the vehicle has the automaker testing the latest version of the electric sedan. It may indicate that

However, thanks to the camouflage that covers most of the headlights, it’s barely discernible from the photo.

Nonetheless, some commenters on Twitter noted that there may be a camera embedded in the corner of the right front headlight.

Unverified because it’s barely visible, but Tesla’s current self-driving sensor suite has a blind spot around the bumper that could also help you see the traffic creeping up ahead before you turn, so its location It makes sense to place the camera around the . Full Autonomous Driving – What is currently in question with the FSD Beta.

Tesla has always said it will continue to improve its Autopilot and fully self-driving hardware, but current owners who bought the vehicle with the promise that a software update would make it capable of self-driving are now convinced that Tesla is using a new sensor. I’m afraid you’ll find that you need a . Suite to deliver on promises.

What do you think of this Tesla Model 3 prototype? Is camouflage hiding a Model 3 design refresh? A new autopilot sensor suite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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