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Tesla recalls some electric semi trucks just months after they hit the road

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Tesla recalled some of its semi trucks this week.
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  • Tesla has recalled 35 of its Semis, citing rollaway risks related to potential emergency brake failures.
  • The electric car maker first started delivering trucks in December.
  • It is unknown how many Tesla Semis were delivered.

Tesla announced a recall of its electric semi trucks just months after the Tesla Semi was released.

The recall affects 35 trucks, but it’s unclear what percentage of the total number of Tesla Semis on the road.

The electric car maker began delivering semi-trucks in December. during February CNBC reported PepsiCo received 36 of the 100 electric trucks it ordered and was the first customer to receive some of the 100 pre-ordered Tesla Semis. In January, Tesla End of quarter delivery reportbut it did not specify a delivery number for the Tesla Semi.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration recall affects trucks produced between November 30, 2022 and February 28, 2023. according to reportsThe NHTSA said the car’s parking brake could fail due to an air leak, putting the 82,000-pound car at risk of rolling. Tesla Lati, a blog dedicated to Tesla news, report first recall.

“If the parking brake does not apply when the driver expects it and the driver releases the service brake, the vehicle may move unintentionally, increasing the risk of a collision.” NHTSA Report Said.

The electric car maker began investigating the issue in February and filed a voluntary recall on March 17. As of March 24, the company has yet to identify any crashes or injuries as a result of the issue, the NHTSA report said. According to the report, Tesla said it would replace the parking brake valve module at no cost to the owner.

The Tesla Semi recall is one of several issues electric car makers have been dealing with in recent months. Earlier this week, NHTSA said it was investigating reports of Model X 2022 and 2023 seat belt failures.agency too examine the report Model Y steering wheel drop down while the vehicle is in motion. and in February, Tesla issued a radio recall The company’s more than 362,000 vehicles are concerned that the company’s fully autonomous driving software may behave “unsafely” around intersections.

A Tesla spokesperson did not respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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