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The 16 Best Anti Wrinkle Pillow Options in 2023

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I thought waking up to wrinkle-free bright skin and gorgeous hair the next day was nothing but pure luck and positive alchemy… like the good karma I got from the day before. I didn’t realize it was possible to act in the name of beauty sleep until the idea of ​​silk pillowcases and uniquely shaped designs entered the world of Wamsutta almost exclusively. The quest for an “anti-wrinkle pillow” began.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

What to look for in an anti-wrinkle pillow

Anti-wrinkle pillows literally come in many shapes and sizes.

in terms of performance pillow,We have a lot Contoured option Made of down or memory foam that hugs your head to prevent dreaded facial crush. (Some of the funky-shaped products may have caught your eye on Instagram.

next, pillow coverFeatures a low-friction fabric made from silk, satin, bambooagain copper ion Absorbs far less oil than regular cotton or satin pillows. cooling Memory foam is another way to make waking up more refreshing.

Ultimately, the goal of all anti-wrinkle pillows is to prevent the pulling, wrinkling, and added moisture that exacerbate deep wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. is a tool for

To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve broken down some of the best options in every category, including some that stand out all over the internet.

Image by Michelle Nash

The 16 Best Anti-Wrinkle Pillows (and Pillowcases) of 2023

Best customizable anti-wrinkle pillow: The Pillow Bar

The Pillow Bar team takes gender, height and age into account when working with doctors to create a hybrid pillow designed to provide personalized support. Hypoallergenic down or down alternative pillow hugs your neck and protects your skin from fraying whether you’re lying on your back or side.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is that despite its contour, the pillow fits into a standard size pillowcase ( Add beauty sleep insurance with The Pillow Bar’s silk or satin options to blend in perfectly with your pillow display.

the best copper infusion pillow: envy

instead of drilling copper to silkenVy has incorporated both antibacterial and frictional powers for an ultra-clean, ultra-premium product that keeps your neck in line.

Great for all little things: night pillow

Beyond its apt name and sexy aesthetic, the Night Pillow really does it all. Light-as-air memory foam hugs your head, while a 90% mulberry silk pillowcase prevents skin and hair from tugging or tangling. Prevents chilling.

Contoured anti-wrinkle pillow

perfect face pillow

Kudos to the social media team behind Flawless Face. viral sensation A pillow in the shape of a butterfly. But a five-star review means more than a double tap.

your face pillow

Flawless Face may rule social media, but YourFacePillow rules Amazon. Thousands of his 5-star reviews praise the padded design that helps with wrinkles, back pain, and even acne.


Another Amazon 5-star review nominee, the uniquely shaped pillow hugs your head and neck in any sleeping position and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. One of her verified buyers wrote: For a long time, it felt so natural.

nurse jamie beauty bear

With the beauty of thoughtful memory foam and the low-friction magic of a satin finish, this travel-friendly pillow is a must-have for any beauty fanatic.

pure comfort

While most anti-aging pillows focus on back sleepers, PureComfort’s hypoallergenic memory foam and ear holes fully envelop side sleepers to relieve pressure at night. (This can also be a nighttime savior for side sleepers with recently pierced ears.)

save my face

Due to its petite size, this might work better as a travel pillow than a nightly essential, but the fully machine-washable product and its graceful “wings” provide support at every angle (and collapse). not).

best anti wrinkle cool pillow

Cooling may not be high on your beauty pillow shortlist, but it’s a great option for hot sleepers who want to wake up feeling more refreshed.


The adjustable pillow swells beautifully and keeps you cool all night long thanks to Coop’s vegan, gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill blend. Multiple Amazon reviewers looking for the perfect pillow claimed this to be the ultimate find, but noted that the memory foam has a slight odor.

cuddle pedic

Snuggle-Pedic’s top-rated adjustable pillow features breathable Cool Flow Tech to keep things cool, and a moisture-wicking bamboo case keeps skin and hair hydrated.

best bamboo, silk and copper pillowcases

illumination (copper)

Infused with smart patented anti-aging copper technology, the many positive reviews for this pillowcase show how well it protects your hair, especially when it comes to curls.

Etitude (bamboo)

The Instagram-famous brand is known for its silky-smooth, sustainably-made bamboo fabrics.

slip (silk)

Kourtney Kardashian is obsessed with it – and so are we.

Fishers Finery (silk)

The staggering amount of 5-star reviews on Amazon matches the staggering momme number of 25. Bonus points for offering Fishers Finery’s unstained option make this silk pillowcase even better for sensitive skin.

kitsch (satin)

Kitsch’s enthusiastically reviewed pillows offer many of the same benefits of silk at a fraction of the price, and offer a more vibrant range of colors.

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