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The 5 Types of Cheaters and Why They Choose Infidelity

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Can you spot the scammers? Apparently there are five types of scammers and there are very specific reasons why they stray. But first, let’s dig into the recent ones celebrity cheating scandal.

A match in Victoria’s Secret Heaven?

it was like Behati tamed a rock star Adam Levinewho once joked “Never get married” During an interview with The Tonight Show.

Outwardly, it looked like a picture-perfect marriage. They had three children of hers and Adam spoke passionately of his love for her.

Who could have predicted that a few years later the Maroon 5 star would be embroiled in a cheating scandal with a cranky leaked text message? According to the book’s 5 categories of cheaters cheat landAdam Levine wrote the textbook “Peacock”.

The author (who anonymized his identity to protect the families he interviewed) interviewed more than 60 married people who cheated on their partners. discovered.

1. Dead Bed Roomer:

dead bedrooms They make up the largest group of cheaters: married people who feel their love life has stopped. They feel lonely, unfulfilled and disconnected from their partner. They long to return to the relationship that was once full of spark and passion.

They tend to have one outside partner who helps them satisfy their craving for a break from their routine or marriage. Avoid confrontation and clashes unless they are caught. It means taking their sexual frustration and desire for novelty and stimulation into their own hands.

2. Peacock

The sadly disfigured Dead Bedroomer is a stark contrast to the pompous, pompous, and classy Peacock. Peacocks, his second-largest group of crooks, are gluttons. You need to make sure you are sexy, seductive, and special over and over again.

For Peacocks, cheating is energizing and ego-boosting. Cheating reaffirms their power and sexual potency. The creeping adrenaline rush and the danger of being caught are all part of the exciting charge that makes Peacock feel alive.

They tend to have high opinions of themselves, but are also very insecure. They always need validation from others. They are powerful and love to be challenged on the hunt. When choosing who to cheat with, they want someone who is challenging.

3. Completer

Of all the types of cheaters interviewed for the book, completers talked about how much they love their partners. But despite their love, they feel they need a second relationship to feel fulfilled and complete.

They have feelings and needs that are too strong for one partner to satisfy, so they seek out a second relationship to feel complete.

Completors usually choose a lover whose personality is the opposite of their current partner. They don’t consider cheating partners cheaters. Instead, they form a strong bond and lay the foundation for their relationship.

4. Revenge seekers

Revenge Cheating is based on typical ideas of poetic justice. give them a taste of their own medicinethey think.

They are despised, driven by anger and resentment, and revenge is their drug idea. But sometimes they are avenging other relationship crimes. Infidelity is weaponized to punish their partners. Sometimes it feels like the only way to hurt your partner, and in a way it gives you a sense of control.

Revenge-seekers are usually in deep pain, driven by anger and need for reward.

5. Emotional Connectors

We tend to think of cheating primarily in terms of sexual encounters that involve physical intimacy. Emotional connectors have sexual and very intimate friendships. What could have started as friendship crossed the line and became something more.

Although they are not having sex, they are working on other aspects of their romantic relationship. I keep hiding.

Emotional issues often arise without the two of you realizing it. But after crossing a seemingly harmless line, you find yourself crossing another and entwined with co-workers, friends and neighbors…

Do all men cheat? Do all women cheat?

Exact numbers are difficult to know, but some large-scale studies report that about 20-25% of men cheat on their spouses and 15-20% of women cheat on their spouses. I’m here. Several recent studies show that the inclusion of emotional problems increases the number of women cheating.

Do men and women have different motivations for cheating? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we share the data in the next article.

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