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The Best Ham Sandwich You’ll Ever Eat

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Creamy goat cheese, spicy jam, salty ham and peppered arugula combine to create the perfect ham sandwich.

Packed with delicious ingredients, this is no ordinary ham sandwich recipe. I usually stack the filling on long French baguettes and then slice them into small finger sandwiches.

The best ham sandwich you will ever eat!Get the recipe at barefeetinthekitchen.com

I serve this ham sandwich at holiday gatherings, family movie nights, quick lunches, and snacks year-round.

We have made this wonderful sandwich many times over the past few years. I would like to share it again. So that the recipe is fresh in my memory and I have it on my fingertips later when I have leftover ham at home. Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

best ham sandwich

While visiting Sioux Falls with the National Pork Board several years ago, Chef Neil made a similar sandwich and called it “the best ham sandwich ever.”

This post was originally sponsored by the National Pork Board, and this ham sandwich recipe was inspired by a visit to Sioux Falls, South Dakota several years ago.

I thought the sandwich was delicious, but was reluctant to label it the “best” of its kind. This was truly the pinnacle of Deriham sandwiches.

The combination of creamy goat cheese and fragrant ham is outstanding. A spoonful of spicy pepper jam took me to breathtaking heights.

It only takes a few ingredients to make the best ham sandwich you've ever eaten.

Ham sandwich recipe how to make

After I got home, I knew I would make my own version of that sandwich right away.

To make this ham sandwich, I followed Chef Neil’s guidance and started with a fresh French baguette. I’m sure the baguette will also taste great.

Slice the bread in half lengthwise and spread a thick layer of whipped goat cheese. Next, layer the slices of arugula and prosciutto.

The sandwich is completed with a spoonful of capsicum jelly on top.

This might really be the best ham sandwich of your life! Get the recipe at barefeetinthekitchen.com

Slice one baguette sandwich for lunch for four. It’s also perfect for party sandwiches. Cut into 8 equal parts for an appetizer.

Exquisite ham sandwich

My family never gets enough party food and snack ideas, so this sandwich is perfect for us. I’m in.

The possibilities are endless: classic French bread, baguettes, hoagie rolls, toast, whole grain bread and more.

You can make your sandwich hearty or light by simply adjusting the amount of each ingredient. When making these sandwiches for a quick dinner, pile them high with generous slices of ham.

As an appetizer or party snack, keep the meat a little lighter.

Perfect for crowds or casual lunches, you'll love this ham sandwich!

Be aware that biting into this sweet and savory sandwich might leave you sighing. Sandwich!” deserves the name.

Creamy goat cheese and spicy pepper jam combine for the ultimate ham sandwich recipe. As a party food or as a quick lunch or dinner, this sandwich is always a hit.

I can’t believe I’m so excited about a ham sandwich, promise You are worth the hype. For now, I admit I’m pretty confident in making these sandwiches as often as possible.

I highly recommend both of these for even more great recipes for party sandwiches. chicken cordon bleu sliders and these dill pickle chicken salad croissant sandwichi have this too cajun cheesecake sandwich Recipes on the list of party sandwiches to make next.

The sweet and slightly spicy ham sandwich is irresistible!

It’s well known that I love ham, and you’ll find it proven throughout this website. Check out all of these ham-filled recipes! His ham fried rice, which is more delicious than takeout, is a popular menu for children because it is easier and faster than takeout.

Nowhere else does the ham ball serve alone or with sweet and sour ham ball stir-fry. (Sceptical? Once you try ham ball stir-fry, I promise you’ll be a fan too!)

Ham and cheese waffles (take in hand or drizzle with syrup at the table) and ham and veggie pasta skillets are frequent requests from my kids.

Ham and cheese biscuits and slow-cooker potato ham chowder never disappoint. Serve the biscuits with the chowder for a real treat!

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Serving: Four 8 servings (as an appetizer)

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  • Cut the bread in half lengthwise to create two flat halves. Spread goat cheese on each section of bread.

  • Layer the arugula on the bottom half and place the ham on top of the greens. While layering the ham on top of the bread, fold and crumple the ham. Layer the ham all over the bread for the best texture.

  • Spoon the jam over the goat cheese on the top half of the bread. Close sandwich and slice into smaller sections. Serve immediately.

If you don’t like goat cheese, it goes great with whipped cream cheese. However, the cream he cheese in this sandwich does not have the same depth of flavor as goat cheese.
My favorite way to make this sandwich is with cranberry pepper jam. If you find it at the store, please buy it. But you can make your own in about 15 minutes!

calorie: 609kcal · carbohydrates: 44g · protein: 39g · obesity: 30g · saturated fat: 13g · Polyunsaturated fat: 3g · Monounsaturated fat: 11g · cholesterol: 90mg · sodium: 1899mg · potassium: 481mg · fiber: 2g · sugar: 13g · Vitamin A: 776IU · Vitamin C: Fourmg · calcium: 160mg · iron: Fourmg

{First published 10/24/17 – recipe notes and photos updated 12/23/22}

This ham sandwich makes me so happy! Not only can you make a casual lunch, but you can also make one dish at a time for a party!
The best ham sandwiches you'll ever eat are sweet, spicy and a little bit of everything!Get the recipe at barefeetinthekitchen.com

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