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The Best Pizza in Austin, According to Locals

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Even if you’ve never been to Austin, you know the city is famous for its barbecue, tacos and margaritas. Did you notice I didn’t mention pizza? While our pie obsessions are well met throughout the Northeast and in West Coast cities like Portland and Seattle, Austin’s pizza scene has been thriving over the past few years. Something is leaving something undesirable in the . Well, that’s it. With the pizza world expanding thanks to the opening of major businesses in the city, Austin’s best pizza could be some of the best pizza you’ve ever had in the country.

It’s no secret that here at Camille Styles, we have a deep love for pizza. We’ve created countless pizza recipes, but Camille’s pizza her party, in a nutshell: very. So I don’t need to elaborate on how many slices I keep in order to let you know that. We are not afraid to claim our expertise when it comes to pizza. (Let me be clear, many Pizza was consumed. )

Featured image by Kristen Kilpatrick of Bufalina.

image of all day long @sagelovesfood

Best Pizza in Austin: 8 Pizza Restaurants That Serve Slice After Slice

Austin’s best restaurants have a wide variety of cuisines, but pizza holds a special place in our hearts. We love its endless versatility, the way it can go from casual to upscale with fancy toppings, and the witty act of sharing a pie. In short, pizza is the perfect food. And to prove it, we found the best pizza place in Austin. Going forward, our team will share our top picks for the city’s best slices.

image by Negley Stockman

Best deep dish: Via 313

“This is no ordinary pizzeria,” says executive producer Michelle. As a go-to source for all things gluten-free (try her strawberry shortcake. now) We believe her when she calls Via 313’s GF crust “the best in town.” Of course, with an extensive deep-dish menu, those focused on eating Detroit-style pies may overlook gluten-free options. But with its signature thick, chewy crust and status as a connoisseur of topping combos in the city, her Via 313 has it all.

  • Pizza style: Detroit
  • GF options: yes
  • price: $$
  • 1802 East 6th Avenue | (512) 580-0999 | website | Instagram

image provider Jane Yun

Over the years, we’ve spread our love for Home Slice. We’ve also included it in our guide to hosting a memorable bachelorette party, highlighting family-style outdoor seating on the best patios in Austin. (Great pizza, a South Congress location, and the perfect garden for a pint of rosé. It’s not impossible.) But for his marketing director Brittany, the Home Slice store is solidified by , is a true “New York pizzeria vibe”. put it in our hearts. For any Austinian in the know, Home His Slice is the obvious choice. It has held its own place in the city for 17 years, honing an old-world vibe that creates comfort, community, and the nostalgia inherent in your favorite slice.

image by Claire Kelly

Worth the money and the hype: Samatarou

One of Austin’s newest favorite pizzerias, Sammataro is rumored to be the place to visit, and we have to agree. The New York-style restaurant has grown from humble beginnings tossing pies from Eastern Food’s truck. Now it has evolved into a spirit, a purposefully crafted brand that communicates just how multifaceted pizza is. Austin expats and longtime locals alike agree. If you want the crunchiness of a thin, hand-baked crust, this is he one of the best pizzas in the city. The slices are big and meant to be folded, so be careful. It’s not what it looks like when you’re enjoying the best pizza in Austin. At Samatalo, experience is everything.

Note: As far as pizza is concerned, Samataro leans toward the more expensive side. But with quality ingredients, hand-kneaded dough, and a flawless finish, a pie is worth every penny.

  • Pizza style: new york
  • GF options: no
  • price: $$$
  • 1108 E 12th Street | (512) 690-1547 | website | Instagram

Image courtesy: Desano

Best Neapolitan: Desano

If your partner claims the pizzeria is their favorite, run instead of walk and make it your stand-by for date night. This was also the case with Michelle, whose husband said, “After she tried this place, she couldn’t stop talking about it.” And when it comes to date night, it’s not just the handcrafted dough, imported Italian cheeses, or myriad other options (meatballs, calzones, picture-perfect cannoli) that set DeSano apart. With its rustic and comfortable Italian ambience, this restaurant is the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine in hand.

  • Pizza style: Neapolitan
  • GF options: yes
  • price: $$
  • 8000 Barnett Road | 512-323-2426 | website | Instagram

Image courtesy: ABGBMore

Best Gluten Free: ABGBMore

“Come to the brewery and stay for a great pie,” says Brittany. ABGB was a top favorite in our Austin patio roundup, with a solid pizza and beer pairing and constant live music. It’s the kind of place you go when you want to catch up with friends or simply grab a bite to eat on the weekends while picking up some of Austin’s best. While that may sound like most spots in the city, it’s the combined impact of it all that sets ABGB apart. The pizzas are freshly baked and piping hot and perfectly executed to pair beautifully with any beer. With a local band playing and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere as a backdrop, the effect is unmatched. Oh and don’t eat the gluten free options. The gluten free options are some of the best we have ever tasted.

  • Pizza style: New York style with thick crust – very cheesy
  • GF options: yes
  • price: $$
  • 1305 W Ortorf Street | (512) 298-2242 | website | Instagram

image provider Richard Castile

image provider Richard Castile

If you’re wondering where Camille goes when she doesn’t take out her pizza Oni Pizza Kiln Bufalina is the best in our house. Her review says it all.

“In my opinion, this is the best pizza in Austin. The menu is small but complete, with delicious sides, pastas and a great wine list. It’s a perfectly thin crust, and for me it’s a really great pizza.”

Bufalina is classy enough for a night out without being pretentious. Come with your partner, friends, or a small group. She has one of the best vibes in Austin.

  • Pizza style: Neapolitan
  • GF options: yes
  • price: $$
  • 2215 E Cesar Chavez Street | No Phone | website | Instagram

Image courtesy: Pecan Square Cafe.

The Pecan Square Cafe has made it onto our list of Austin’s best restaurants for its undeniable charm. Fresh pasta, a mix of light fare and happy hour ($8 spritz, folks!), and of course some of the best pizza. Camille loves the “sophisticated date-night atmosphere” at Pecan Square Café, recommending pairing the kale and sausage pizza with seasonal spritz. Perfect night, right?

Best single slice: all day long

Camille counts down the days until the All Day opening, excited about a new casual pizzeria in her neighborhood. Since then she has become a regular and so have her neighbors. “Sold by the slice or in the pie, Allday serves up solid, delicious pizza, and next door, Flo’s, you get bonus points for being the sister restaurant to Wine Her Bar,” she says. increase.

And I went on about how well ABGB does beer and pizza, but Allday might be better than that. Pro tip: enjoy the pizza and save room for the soft serve gelato. According to Camille, the combo is “dangerously good.”

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