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The Exact Door Hardware I’m Using In My Beach House Renovation

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In the process of designing a home, it’s easy to overlook the beauty of the small, practical features that hold a space together. These are hard-working pieces that are modestly sized yet masterfully executed to bring function and flow to your everyday life. Paying close attention to such design nuances includes choosing a door her handle that suits one’s aesthetics and needs. That’s why I worked with a reputable door hardware brand. M-Tech When designing a Malibu home.

Featured Inspiration Image: Brandi Joy Smith’s Joshua Tree House.

Inspiration image: Kate Arlens’ Minnesota home

How we tackle hardware at home in Malibu

Our Emtek hardware enables ‘touch points’ that bring consistency and essence to your entire home. This interconnection is the brand’s goal. Door and cabinet hardware are things you touch more often than most other things in your home, and they should be things you love to interact with and use.

Spotlighting everyday beauty is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. In my world, no detail is overlooked, especially when it comes to home design. We thought the Emtek collection of handles, knobs and pulls would be essential items that would elevate even the simplest moments in our Malibu home.

Here, we detail the beautiful features behind her design decisions. Sunset’s next idea In her house, great design is in the details. Find out how I use her Emtek door hardware to take her everyday life to the next level.

Image by Michelle Nash

Advanced features

A door handle is like the perfect, delicate piece of jewelry that you wear every day, adding something you can’t immediately put on. Just as your favorite gold bracelet makes an outfit, the right door handle can add the finishing touch that holds your home together.

vivid diversity

Emtek offers seemingly endless options to help customers create the look of hardware that suits their home. Biller Switzer covers some of the different ways hardware gets involved. Emtek doorknobs complement the polished nickel of your bathroom faucet. Alternatively, glass knobs can elevate a room as well as sophisticated satin brass levers. “You can choose which rosette or backplate style you prefer, which knob or lever style you prefer, and which combination of finishes you prefer,” he adds Biller Switzer.

Image by Michelle Nash

personal touch

For our Malibu home, we chose a lariat lever with a #6 bronze rosette in a medium bronze patina finish, part of Emtek’s Rustic Modern range.

With slightly beveled rosettes and levers for a contemporary profile, the #6 Bronze Rosette Medium Bronze Patina is intended as a ‘living finish’ as ​​the bronze ages gracefully over time. I am drawn to the juxtaposition of modern, clean lines and timeless materials. And these have both. We use other live finishes like lacquered brass throughout the house so the patina these develop over the years will give them the same soulful quality.

Investing in products that feel purposeful and robust, especially those that work tirelessly can make a big difference to the overall aesthetics of your home. Our Emtek hardware isn’t fussy or sassy, ​​but gives it a quiet confidence and beauty. These are all quiet statements that feel in keeping with the rest of our home design.

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