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The Best Tire Shine Products In 2023

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tire storage Looking clean and shiny is not easy. After washing the car, after a short drive, it quickly becomes dirty again. Spraying shine on your tires after washing can keep them looking new even after long hours of driving. Just pick up the bottle and spray. Here are the best tire polish products you can buy on Amazon.

$5.98 at Amazon

Main features

  • dries quickly
  • No wiping required
  • Combination of polymer and high molecular weight silicone
  • Low gloss and long lasting shine

Blue Coral Black Magic Tire Wet Spray gives your tires a glossy finish in just one spray. The combination of high-molecular silicone and polymer keeps tires shining for a long time. It dries quickly so it won’t snag on tires or fenders.

$29.99 at Amazon

Main features

  • 3 pack
  • water-based cream formula
  • dry touch prescription
  • Protects against adverse weather conditions and extreme heat
  • Can be used to clean the interior and other parts of the car

This Chemical Guys VRP Tire Dressing is a water-based cream formula that penetrates deep into the tire for a long lasting effect. This product protects your tires from extreme and harmful weather conditions such as rain and extreme heat. It can be used not only for tires, but also for cleaning other parts of the car.

$11.07 at Amazon

Main features

  • lasts several weeks
  • Gel formulation
  • UV inhibitor
  • high gloss finish

of Megiya’s Endurance Tire Gel gives your tires a high gloss finish that lasts for weeks. The rich gel formula prevents smearing, dripping, and overspray while stabilizing shine and keeping it dry. It also protects against UV damage.

$16.71 at Amazon

Main features

  • Seals tires and prevents dirt and water from entering
  • Hydrophobic
  • Contains graphene ceramic resin
  • black satin finish

Adam’s Polishes Graphene Tire Dressing provides a ceramic coating-like protection for your tires. This water-based formula contains graphene oxide ceramic resin that provides a black satin finish. It is highly hydrophobic and seals the tire while repelling water, mud and dirt.

$17.97 at Amazon

Main features

  • polymer-based formula
  • UV protection
  • dry to the touch
  • Includes microfiber applicator pad
  • high gloss finish

This Car Guys Tire Shine Spray includes a microfiber applicator to remove excess from your tires. Achieves a dry-touch, high-gloss finish. It also has UV protection. This product contains long-lasting polymer additives that extend the life of your spray.

How to apply tire polish

Polishing tires is easy. After washing the car, spray tire dressing on the tires. Wipe off excess dirt as it may become slippery while driving if it adheres too much to the tire surface. Here is a tutorial that explains how to apply tire shine.

How often should I use Tire Shine and how long does it last?

According to Dino WaxOn average, the best tire gloss products will last up to 3 weeks, but should be reapplied once the product starts to wear out.

Is it bad to polish tires too much?

The right amount of tire gloss can make your car look great, but too much of anything can cause problems. According to Ceramic ProTires that are too shiny can dry out the sidewalls. It can lead to tire cracking and can be a hazard on the road. Tires can pop out due to sidewall damage. ” Also, tires can become slippery and lose grip while driving.

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