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The Little Things Newsletter #351 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, my friend! Spent his week of fun in the sun while visiting friends in Utah. Sean, natalieand I took a quick hike aspiration trail I snapped this photo to the top one morning.

The road up the hill was lined with hundreds of boulders and was a great way to spend time outdoors. If you are visiting the St. George area, you should include this walk/hike on your to-do list.

on the blog This week: What’s better than coming home to the smell of food simmering in a clay pot? Making corned beef and cabbage in your slow cooker is super easy.

Are you lucky to have corned beef left? Crispy hot potatoes and cabbage are combined with tender, salty corned beef to create the corned beef and cabbage hash of your dreams.

My husband’s favorite soup takes all the Reuben flavors you love and combines them into a steaming bowl of soup, perfect for those chilly nights. A perfect finish.

For something a little different the next time you make corned beef, corned beef baked in a honey mustard glaze is moist and juicy with a soggy sweet glaze on top that no one can resist.

Tender, salty corned beef, bite-sized potatoes, and chopped green cabbage are mixed into a flavorful broth to create a hearty corned beef soup. This meal will definitely make my whole family happy.

Braise chicken and vegetables in a creamy filling and top with flaky biscuits to make these individual chicken pot pies. Love casseroles? Just bake it that way instead. Whatever method you choose, This dinner will be gone soon.

Tired of making banana bread when the bananas on your counter are past their prime? Banana pancakes with chocolate chips It’s a quick and easy breakfast that you’ll happily eat with dessert.

air fryer brussels sprouts vegetable popcornThere is no way to eat just one. They are a very good snack or side. It feels like Brussels sprouts are finally getting the attention they deserved after so long. I was able to eat.

What I crave: these are banana split freezer bites It looks so much fun and is a great way to keep healthy snacks on hand. I’m going to make some this weekend with the bananas on the counter. Can’t wait to try them!

My Favorites This week These freezer storage containersI’ve ordered more this week and can’t wait to fill up for ice cream season. (Technically, every day is ice cream season in our world, but the warmer months certainly churn out more merchandise.)

Bought many years ago, especially to store homemade ice cream. But I’ve grown to love them for everything. Storing leftovers, preparing salads, serving meals to friends, freezing soups and sauces – pretty much everything works in these sturdy containers. increase.

What I see: ElvisI’m not a big Elvis fan, although I have some favorite songs of his. But a preview of this movie caught my attention and I really enjoyed it. Austin Butler gave an incredible performance, and so did Tom Hanks. This movie deserves every award it receives.

what i am reading: Digital minimalism: choosing a focused life in a noisy world By Cal Newport. Oh my friend, this is a very good read. Even if you’re not necessarily interested in using less technology, there’s plenty of solid information here to make you rethink how you use your devices. If you’re like me and have ever thought about the time we spend staring at our phones, this book could inspire you.

I am the Lord I have called you in righteousness. I will hold your hand and protect you. ” Isaiah 42:6a

I wish you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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