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I forgot my sunscreen at home the other day, so my friend Andy lent it to me.

“Apparently, this is ‘the best-smelling sunscreen in the world,'” he tells me, handing me a tube. Developed by a cult fragrance brand, this scent can only be described as a warm, nostalgic coconuty poolside scent that reminds you of your childhood. .I got both because I loved it so dearly and instantly daily sunscreen and somewhat randomly car smell. I couldn’t stand it! Now everyone who comes in our car is a total banana. over car air fresheners. Who would have thought

Something in the scent takes me instantly…

outdoor shower

Outdoor shower…

England by Joanna Goddard

Cousins ​​who look like twins…

ice cream truck brooklyn

The ice cream truck…

Inn by the Sea in Maine

Snorkeling in the pool…

Cornwall by Joanna Goddard

…and drink time.

What do you think? What kind of scent do you like these days?This is not a sponsor, just something I love! this sexy scent…too far?!

PS What’s your very modest summer checklist, and random finds you swear by?

(outdoor shower photo courtesy: Jinji Edmundson/Instagram. )

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