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Hybrid Lamborghini Huracan successor caught in spy photos

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The Lamborghini Huracán has been aging since it was released in the 2015 model year, and the Audi R8, which was the base car, has also reached the end of production. Things like Terrato and STO stay fresh, but alternatives are definitely emerging. These spy photos are our first look at its successor, which will have some innovative features, including some hybrid power.

The overall silhouette of this car resembles its successor, the Huracán. It has a short, wedge-like shape with a very short rear overhang. But many of the details are even more extreme. Especially the headlights stand out. These are a split design, with slim horizontal ramps along the bonnet shutline, and below the bumpers are giant hexagonal ramps that appear to float in the bumper openings.

Lamborghini Huracán Successor Prototype

Towards the rear, the car gets rid of the large intake cowl that extends from the roofline, and the shoulders are broader, giving it a more sleek greenhouse look. Also gone are the large louvres above the engine bay, in favor of a more open design similar to some McLarens. The exhaust exits high into the rear bumper through a fancy hexagonal exhaust tip between the taillights. It’s unclear what these lights are, as they’re covered in stickers from other Lamborghini lamps. The rear diffuser is also huge and aggressive.

The powertrain of the new Lamborghini is rumored to be a twin-turbo V8 instead of the Huracán’s naturally aspirated V10. The prototype clearly has hybrid components, as it has several high voltage warning stickers indicating the presence of a hybrid battery and other components. Power output could reportedly reach 850 hp. That’s a lot, but there’s still plenty of room under Revuelto’s flagship supercar.

Development on this prototype looks pretty advanced, but as we’ve proven, it won’t be long before the Huracán and its Audi stablemate hit the world. Therefore, this replacement is expected to be published within a year or so of him.

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