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The Wisdom of Women, an Interview with My Grandmother

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The Bible holds wisdom very high. King Solomon wanted it more than anything else. But what exactly is wisdom? For a long time I thought that wisdom came from years spent on this earth. But I have learned that while time spent on Earth can increase wisdom, one’s experience is what really changes the pendulum from “clever” to “clever.”

My grandmother, Bonnie Sue (aka Mo Mo), met mainly on a Sunday night in February 1961. Since then, she has had many experiences at Jesus’ feet. Her knowledge of the Bible far exceeds that of many scholars, and her belief in God’s truth gives hope to our world.

I believe everyone can use some of Maw Maw’s wisdom, both biblical and non-biblical. Dear Reader:

“Please give advice to women in their 20s.”

Mawmaw quickly taught me that women in their twenties need to do three things. Get as much education as you can. Build a foundation for a great future and become independent. While I was growing up, my Mau Mau always told me to pursue my education diligently. I emphasized how we can ensure that we can succeed in the world.

Second, women in their 20s hold very high moral standardsOften in today’s culture women are encouraged to compromise morality and humility in order to succeed. Whether it’s finding or not, Maw Maw wants to make sure every woman understands that worldly success and recognition aren’t worth compromising morality.

Finally, Mawmaw is for everyone over the age of 20. “Eenjoy life I can’t go back to being 20. This beautiful and chaotic decade of your life is meant for you to make mistakes. You don’t have to know what you’re doing next. Nobody figures out their life before they’re 30, no matter how much others look together. So enjoy the ten years in which you are allowed and expected to make mistakes, change your mind, and adventure. Enjoy and praise Jesus for your health and youth. Your 20s are the busiest and most productive time of your life. Enjoy the season!

“Do you have any advice for women in their 30s?”

Truth be told, your 30s are your new 20s. Now is the time to be a cute soccer mom, an independent CEO, a travel addict, or whatever else the Lord has put you in!I loved hearing Maw Maw talk about this phase of his life. She has made this decade themed with stability and fierce femininity. First, a woman in her 30s, “Decide exactly what you want in life and do it.” Yes my friend, it’s very easy. Talk to the Lord, choose your path, hold Jesus’ hand and follow it. If your 20s were a mess, now you can clean it up. Maybe life doesn’t look the way you wanted it to, change it. You still get that degree Do you still want to open that business? Honey, you don’t get any younger. do. that.

Next, “If you want a family, plan a family.”Some women don’t seek motherhood. It’s not the season God invited them to. Some struggle to start a family and rely on their faith. Some are overwhelmed with her four children under the age of eight. Whoever you are, Mau Mau and I want you to take a deep breath, say a long prayer, and make a plan. Plan and pray for the home you want them to grow up in.

last, “Start a financial security scheme, such as an IRA or CD.” Investing isn’t just for the rich. My grandparents set an exponential financial example. They didn’t worship money, but they knew the value of a dollar. They used their financial blessings to invest in me and my sister’s future as well.

“Please give some advice to women in their 40s and 50s.”

We often hear of women in their 40s and 50s starting to experience a midlife crisis. So I asked my girlfriend Maw Maw how she navigated this stage of life with grace, joy and purpose.

“Begin preparations for the empty nest.” My grandparents had two children who flew out of the nest in their twenties. Maw Maw missed her children at home and, like her other mothers, suffered the stage of grief that comes with leaving home with them making their own way. So, she says, preparing for that stage in her life will help her cope. Learning to let go can be difficult, but it’s also time to rekindle your romance with her spouse, find a new hobby, or travel!

Women at this stage may also want to start “Planning for Retirement”. Now, Maw Maw doesn’t just mean financial planning. Retirement is a time to think of you again. Life is no longer about climbing ladders and getting corporate promotions. No more packing diaper bags or worrying about weekend soccer practice. This season of well-earned rest allows you to fully enjoy the life that God has blessed you with.

“After 40, you can fly, so enjoy your life.” I think this is the advice everyone can get from Maw Maw. Enjoy the time God has given you. Because it really is a gift.

2 Corinthians 9:8 “And may God bless you richly.

“52 years of marriage, how did you get married?”

In typical Mau Mau fashion, she started with a “joke.” “Come on, be deaf, dumb and blind.” She might be thinking something here… but honestly, Maw Maw said increase. God tell you why you’ll love them. ”

Marriage can sometimes look like a modern American production, with all the finances, filmography, and theater surrounding the event. Perhaps it’s a checklist item for appeasing a family member or getting an elderly church lady off her back. It proved to be more enduring and authentic than any economic struggle, movie, or social pressure I’ve seen before.

finally, I encourage my readers to go to the wise people God has placed in your life just as you went to Mau Mau for her wisdom on life, career choices, finances, and relationships. He has a special person in your life for a reason. They have walked through valleys and mountains you have never experienced.

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Olivia Lauren I’m a graduate student with a passion for the Bible, especially the Book of Romans, which introduces God’s grace. Outside of her research, she enjoys teaching her dogs new tricks and finding ways to quickly turn off smoke detectors after trying new recipes.

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