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This Aperol Spritz Recipe Is Our 3-Ingredient Drink of Summer

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A few summers ago, Adam and I revisited one of our favorite places from our honeymoon in Italy ten years ago.famous terrace Hotel de Russier The Roman experience has long been known as one of the best in the city aperitif. (Italian tradition of enjoying a drink and a snack in the evening between work and dinner.) As Adam and I settled down to people-watch for the night, everyone around us saw glowing orange wines pouring out of large wine glasses. I found myself sipping a drink, accompanied by an orange slice. A scan of the menu revealed it to be the hotel’s classic Aperol Spritz. Of course we ordered two.

It has since become my official summer drink. This light, effervescent cocktail has a pleasant bitterness and feels like sunshine and adventure, transporting him back to this perfect day in Italy. I’ve crafted my own classic Aperol Spritz recipe. And now I think I’ve nailed it.

It’s a simple drink with just a handful of ingredients, but opinions vary as to the correct ratio of Aperol to Prosecco and exactly how it should be served. ), first: a little more about the Italian tradition of aperitif.

What is aperitif?

Italian aperitif It’s like happy hour, but different (and, dare I say, cooler). At the Hotel de Russie and other places I’ve visited in Italy, everyone gathers for drinks and snacks before dinner.Food can be as simple as salty potato chips and olives, or more upmarket bites, including: cheese and charcuterie. Either way, its purpose is to “wake up the appetite” for a larger meal to follow.

traditionally, aperitif Drinks are carbonated, slightly bitter cocktails (Aperol Spritz or Negroni) it’s a little lower in alcohol. The idea is to feel relaxed and happy, not tipsy. I love this ritual that focuses on talking, savoring the moment, and having fun with friends, not just snacks and drinks.

aperol spritz

I’m going to put it out there Aperol Spritz is controversial. new york times I declaredAn Aperol Spritz is not a good drink.” At least as enthusiastic as you can have a cocktail debate. The publication’s claims are based primarily on the theory that the cocktail uses poor quality Prosecco. And I’m not the only one advocating for drinks, Grub Street says, “The entire internet agrees on Aperol Spritz teeth, Good, actually.’ What’s the best way to give it a rest? Mix up the Aperol Spritz recipe for one hot night this summer and judge for yourself.


Aperol A sweet, bittersweet orange aperitif produced by the Campari Group. However, the alcohol content is considerably lower than Campari (11%). The brand describes Aperol as “the same spirit that spontaneously brings people together and creates only good vibes.” Yes, please!


Prosecco is light sparkling white wineSimilar to Champagne, but made in Italy. It’s delicious and reasonably priced for a good wine. Sparkling Winos “Sparkling wines made in this way are produced in a much shorter time (sometimes just weeks) and at a much lower cost than those made with the traditional Champagne method. It helps explain the $15 per book pricing.” At the grocery store, look for brands labeled “Prosecco DOC” (Italian Quality Assurance) in this price range. With these parameters, you are good to go.


Top off your drink with your favorite club soda or sparkling water. One of my favorite things about his Aperol Spritz is that it’s a low-alcohol cocktail and you can do it evenly. low Add soda while drinking. This is my preferred strategy if I want to spend three hours talking and drinking with friends on the patio without feeling over-served at the end.

Aperol spritz garnish

A typical classic Aperol Spritz requires an orange slice. I’ll add one to my own, but I’ll take a tip from the bartender at Hotel de Russie and add a lemon twist at the end. When you take a sip of it, the lemon scent is mixed with sweetness and bitterness, and it’s incredibly good.

that’s it! A three-ingredient cocktail that is likely to become the official drink for spring and summer. If you try it, please rate and review this recipe. We can’t wait to hear what you all think.


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Made with just three ingredients, this summer staple couldn’t be simpler.

  • 3 ounce Aperol
  • 3 ounce chilled prosecco
  • sparkling water splash
  • Orange slices and lemon twists for garnish

  1. Fill a large wine glass with plenty of ice. Add Aperol, Prosecco and sparkling water and mix well.
  2. Place an orange slice in the glass and twist the lemon zest to drop it into the glass. cheers!

This post was originally published on July 9, 2021 and has since been updated.

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