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This Danish Home by a Lake Feels Like a Deep Breath

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Danish House Tour Silkebonde

I couldn’t help but think Goldilocks and three bears after listening to silke bondeLife in the Danish countryside. In the town of Birkelod, Silke, her husband Kasper, and her two children have shrunk from a 3,000-square-foot house to one “with a small garden and everything you need.” It offers lake views and nature walks, but from Copenhagen she takes 30 minutes. Not too big, not too small, just right. please look…

2nd floor living space

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

sofa: Erik Jørgensen EJ315 3 seaterCoffee table: Hans J Wegner, resemble. Side dresser: Moebe, resemble. Floor lamp: Isamu Noguchi Akali 9A. Ceiling pendant: floss IC light. Bookshelf: Moebe. mirror: Moebe.

About moving to the countryside: My husband and I were drawn to the lifestyle of growing up near water and trees. Every season has something to offer here. Winter in Birkerod means early sunsets and snow. Feeling the warmth of the sun again makes spring feel hopeful. Summer swims and stays up late into the bright nights.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

sofa: Erik Jørgensen EJ315 3 seater. Side table: Moebe, resemble. mirror: Moebe.

About downsizing: When we moved to Birkelod six years ago, we bought a beautiful large house.But when our first child, Nord, was born, we realized it was too big.Cleaning 300 square meters [about 3,000 square feet] Maintaining a huge garden was not something we wanted to spend time on. So we downsized and purchased our current home. we like it very much

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

Upstairs night: After dinner, relax upstairs before the kids go to bed. I have a floor mat for tumbling practice and reading a book. It’s my favorite time. I grew this avocado from seed. We are celebrating our 6th anniversary this spring!

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

bookshelf lamp: Oluce Atollo glass table lamp. Ceiling pendant: floss IC light. Bookshelf: MoebeTable: Hans J. Wegner.

On minimalism with children: Many people, including Danes, may think my house is too empty, but having too many things prevents me from thinking creatively. increase flow with toys Go against my desire to keep everything in order! If you run out of toys, it’s very popular to buy and sell used toys on various Danish apps.

parents bedroom

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

headboard: handmade, resembleDuvet cover: Purchased in Mexico.

On parental resilience: When it comes to raising children, the weight of responsibility surprised me the most. And what we parents can do. I feel stronger than ever. It’s been four rough years with our young children, and we’ve made it through.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

Crib: IKEA SniglerGingham Baby Linen: studio fader.

Weekend excursions: Growing up in a small town in Jutland, I didn’t have much exposure to culture. We want our children to grow with the culture. Now, being just 30 minutes north of Copenhagen, it’s great to have access to concerts, design museums and the food scene. New cafes and restaurants are opening all the time, and every visit is something new to try.

downstairs kitchen:

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

pendant: Wilhelm Lauritzen VL45 Radiofus Pendant. Chair: TAKT cross chairFramed Photo: Prints by George.

About winter strategies: Being social is energizing when it’s dark and cold. We often come here for coffee with friends. For me, the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ means unwinding with great food, loved ones and laughter. The fact that this concept is now spreading to other parts of the world is just amazing.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

Kitchen: IKEA. cabinet: Fundamentals of reform.

About the renovation: The renovation was very satisfying. I felt the change was huge. For example, instead of three small windows facing the lake, they were combined into one large window. We then moved the stairs that blocked our view of the lake to the opposite corner of the dining room. Once the renovation was finished, I couldn’t stop staring at the lake. It is located on a hill, so you can see the changing seasons.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

Kitchen: IKEA. Countertop: renovation linoleumFork & Knife Print: silke bonde.

About the cabinet remake: We have an IKEA kitchen, but we used a company called Reform to add various fronts. white cabinet Brightens up the kitchen green linoleum countertops give priority.we love the minimalist look round handleYears later, instead of buying a whole new kitchen, you can replace the front with a completely different look.

kids bedroom

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

duck print: worm gray tail. Rainbow Print: silke bonde. Bookshelf: montana cabinet 1112.

About growing with nature: When I was a girl, I spent hours on small projects outside. My grandmother who taught me the joy of flowers, birds, and the changing seasons. We often wrote to each other and she described the garden at that very moment.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

pendant: Paris au moi d’eau. Crib: IKEA SniglerBaskets: IKEA, resembleMoomin posters: IKEA, resemble.

During free play: Children have to live up to expectations at home, school and in public, but in nature they can be themselves. When you take your children outside, let them find something they can play with without holding anything. Even walking home from school gives everyone new energy and their shoulders drop.

offsite studio

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

the work: silke bonde.

For work inside and outside the home: I worked from home for about 5 years and it was great most of the time. But after this second maternity leave, I couldn’t ignore the turmoil at home and I missed my co-workers. Luckily we found a studio nearby that shared with another artist. Now, in the morning, I put the kids on my cargo bikes, go to daycare, and then go to my studio.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

the work: silke bonde.

About finding yourself: For years I used watercolors—I like the unpredictability of the colors on damp paper—but I grew tired of plain paper. I started experimenting with different techniques to make it come to life.I found that I liked cutting and folding paper. After seven years of being an artist, I feel like I’ve finally landed on the right shelf. I have a strong desire to make paper art, and would like to work all night if possible. I hope my art serves as a daily reminder of the importance of nature, allowing you to take the time to appreciate its beauty in every detail.

Danish House Tour Silkebonde

thanks so much, Silke! you are wonderful.

PS More House Tour, including a 175 square foot studio apartment and a New Zealand house with yellow doors.

(Photo courtesy: Nana Hagel; photos of bedroom and offsite studio silke bonde.)

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