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This Incredible $26M World-Cruising Superyacht Has Never Been Owned

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It is not uncommon for large and very expensive superyachts to remain on the market for long periods of time. However, in most cases, the person in charge has changed several times before that. Superyacht Maybee is unique in that it has not had an owner on board since its debut in 2016. This doesn’t mean it was dumped somewhere away from the water, but it was used lightly. Still, I’m not giving up hope. Maybe its first owner is just around the corner and ready to take full advantage of what this mighty ship has to offer.

A major reason for Maybee’s remarkable stature lies in her troubled history. Seven years ago, this 194-foot (59-meter) superyacht of his was supposed to be the largest superyacht ever built in Spain. For now, Pegaso still holds this title, but will soon be overtaken by the Freire 112-meter (367-foot) Explorer, known as hull number NC724, ​​which is currently under construction. When completed by the end of this year, the Explorer will officially become the largest yacht built in Spain.

The Maybee project began in 2008 and was announced as the largest private yacht to be built by a Spanish shipyard at the time. Sadly, in just a few short years things have gone from bad to worse. First, the owner who originally commissioned the project withdrew from the project for unknown reasons. Then his Factoria Naval Marin, a construction company, itself began to have serious problems. Closed in 2015. By then, the unfinished yacht had been moved to another Spanish shipyard, Metal Ships & Docks.

maybe a superyacht

Pictured: Marlwood

Metalships & Docks was a division of a larger Naval Group focused primarily on small pleasure boats and patrol vessels. Despite my lack of superyacht experience, I took over this difficult project and successfully completed it. It took a long time, and there was a lot of uncertainty, but in 2016, the Maybe-worthy brand was finally ready to hit the waves.

Perhaps proudly displaying all the luxury features of a modern superyacht. Acubens Naval Architects have created a sleek and elegant silhouette that perfectly complements the modern interior styled by Toni Colom of Marcelo Penna Yacht Design. With a staggering capacity of over 1,000GT, it can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests and a large crew of 16.

One of the first things you’ll notice from afar is the large helideck certified for the MD 50 helicopter (American family of small multi-role rotorcraft) or similar sized helicopters. This allows guests to arrive comfortably regardless of the location of the yacht. And since the Maybee was specially equipped for long voyages, it is very possible that she is somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Powerful twin engines propel her at 12 knots (13.8 mph/22 km/h), giving her trans-Pacific range. It can reportedly travel more than 10,000 nautical miles (18,520 km) at 9 knots (10 mph/16.6 km/h) and burn only 24 gallons per hour. It is also equipped with excellent storage solutions for long cruising, including a large pantry next to the stainless steel galley.

maybe a superyacht

Pictured: Marlwood

Like other fine superyachts, Maybee also serves as a five-star wellness resort at sea. Onboard spa facilities include a luxurious Jacuzzi surrounded by comfortable sun pads on the sundeck, a fully equipped gym, sauna and a separate massage his room. It also provides plenty of space to do yoga or other types of exercise outdoors when you’re not using the large helipad.

The main deck features an elegant salon and private cinema. The saloon is spacious enough for all 12 passengers to have fun at the same time, play a variety of games, or simply have a drink. This area is connected to the formal dining room, with plenty of wood paneling and a classic feel (so it can also be used as a business meeting room). The private theater room is similarly large and soundproofed on three sides, so it doesn’t interfere with other activities on board.

For those who prefer a more intimate connection with the natural surroundings, multiple outdoor dining options are available, including a large upstairs dining table that seats up to 16 guests. The beach club at water level offers plenty of lounge seating, a bar, and a perfect launch spot for your yacht toy box to indulge in.

When the night comes perhaps‘s stateroom turns into a true sanctuary. The sophisticated yet relaxed interior style is perfectly expressed in each cabin through the artful use of earth-toned natural wood, precious leather and suede. The master suite is a luxurious cocoon with an elegant ensuite bathroom, walk-in closet and private study. Four additional guest cabins offer flexible accommodation.

maybe a superyacht

Pictured: Marlwood

Despite its impressive capabilities, the Maybee superyacht was little used, with less than 1,800 engine and generator hours. The vessel is still on offer and would be considered a bargain in the world of superyachts. It’s now priced at €24.9 million ($26.6 million), after a significant price cut of over $5 million.An ambitious project had a bit of bad luck perhaps is still waiting for a turn in fortunes and is ready to sail the world in style.

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