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Cookie Baking Tips - The Southern Lady Cooks

Tips for baking cookies

Many of you already know these tips for baking cookies, but it’s always a good reminder. The cookies pictured above are our cinnamon pecan cookies and they are one of our most popular!

Cookies should be slightly undercooked and light around the edges when removed from the oven. Cookies continue to bake with the heat of the removed cookie sheet. This is a mistake I’ve made many times, it takes too long to cook and it’s easy.

Make sure the cookie sheet is not too thin. The heavier the sheet, the less likely the cookie will burn. If your cookie sheets are thin, you can layer them with aluminum foil.

Drop the cookies onto the cookie sheet about 2 inches apart so they don’t melt together. It’s easy to want to keep them close together and cook a lot at once, but in the end you’ll be glad you left enough space.

Be sure to chill before decorating the cookies.

If the recipe calls for “softened” butter, make sure the butter is room temperature but not melted. I just want to push my finger into the butter without resistance.

For best results, keep all ingredients at room temperature. This makes the baking process much easier as all the ingredients can be taken out and organized.

Flour for baking cookies does not need to be sifted unless the recipe specifies to sift the flour.

High quality cookies use real butter, real vanilla extract and large eggs.

Sprinkling the nuts in a small amount of flour keeps the nuts from clumping in the recipe and absorbs the oil. Add the nuts to the batter last.

Here are some of the most popular cookie recipes.

these are maple oatmeal cookies So good your family will love them! A maple frosting takes these to the next level.

Cookie Baking Tips - The Southern Lady Cooks

these are ginger snap cookies A family favorite for many years and has great reviews!

this is our favorite chocolate chip Great reviews too! An easy and delicious cookie recipe!

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