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To the One Who Loves Someone with a Mental Illness

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Living with mental illness is hard.Every day seems to present you with a new, impossible task face. After taking two steps forward, you can feel that you have only taken a mile back. Of course, there are also cynics. These individuals believe that mental illness is dramatized by “cops” or those who suffer. .

But imagine the emotional strain felt by someone who loves someone with mental illness. They must support and care for their loved ones while protecting their own health.

I think there are a surplus of mental health advocates, and rightly so. But I want to defend the people behind the scenes.Those who carry burdens other than their own and take on other people’s wars.

I was 16 when I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I felt weak and weird when I took drugs, so I didn’t take them until my mother convinced me that taking them would only help me, not interfere with my life.Anxiety is hard enough But it wasn’t until my twenties that I realized I had multiple forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. I rely on your understanding. I am blessed with gifts from the Lord, including supportive family, friends, and my fiancée.

I appreciate these people, so I want to show their side of how they view mental illness and their loved ones who are battling it. We interviewed individuals who were in a relationship with someone battling mental illness.

What mental illness does your partner have?

“very bad anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder”

This question may seem too simple. “Wow, he knows what’s wrong with him. Give him a gold star.” learning About not affecting him personally.Ladies, if your partner isn’t there want learn more about your problem, help You fix them, don’t solve them.

What does your partner’s mental illness mean to them?

“She doesn’t feel like she can be loved like someone who doesn’t have these mental illnesses. She feels loved differently because of these illnesses.”

(He nailed me in the head because I’m the one he’s talking to…)

“She doesn’t want her illness to hurt anyone, so she’s always on guard and protecting herself.”

I hit a nail in the head again. Mental illness afflicts so many people. Loving others while struggling with mental illness can be scary. You know how it affects you and you don’t want others to be hurt by you.

How do you deal with their mental illness?

“I don’t ‘handle’ it. I love her because it affects her, and I am very picky about how she expresses things and how it causes her OCD.

First, let me brag about my man. He immediately told me to understand that he wasn’t “handling” my anxiety or OCD. Again ladies, don’t settle.

Second, to those who are suffering, take time to thank your loved ones. They took the time to learn about your disease and then your individual triggers. They will then take the time to learn how to rethink their usual language to make you more comfortable.

How do you love them differently because of their mental illness?

“I’m not showing her love in any other way. I feel like showing love in a different way is a burden on them by making them think they don’t deserve normal love. In reality there is only one love and it is from Jesus, so the only love you can truly show them is Jesus.”

How can you love someone whose brain can’t understand? Show them Jesus. Yes, each relationship, especially mental illness, has different factors. But there is only one love that I show people, and that is the reflection of Jesus.

When has their mental illness brought something positive to your relationship?

“Knowing how to communicate when your partner pulls the trigger will help your relationship grow and you’ll learn more about each other with each conversation.”

When the right person shows up in your life, you can use things like mental illness as opportunities to grow as a couple.

I write this to encourage you, dear readers. Whether you’re suffering from an invisible illness or you love someone with an illness, how you respond means more than you know.

If you are suffering, please know that it is not easy for others to understand what is going on in your head.It takes time and effort to explain your thoughts. have to spend No matter how great your partner is, he or she will not be able to understand your triggers, urges and symptoms unless you explain them. I promise you that what God has put into your life is worth putting behind your walls. If you spend time in and know this person is here to support you, show them patience and let them in. You won’t regret it.

I cannot put into words how much your patience, love and support means to your loved ones who love those who are suffering. Sometimes the only thing that can pull your partner out of an episode or negative spiral is having someone they trust sit with them and pull/force them back to reality. , is a blessing.

You show the love of Jesus when you show grace and compassion, patience, and a willingness to learn. Great doctors work in mysterious ways. And while there is no cure for my anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, there are medications available to ease the pain. Loneliness turns into friendship, fear turns into courage, all pointing to the gracious God we serve.

Dear friends, do not give up on your loved ones who are suffering. And dear patients, don’t push away those who take the time to show you love.

Thank you, my friend, for loving us as Jesus wanted us to. And thank you, patient, for continuing to fight.

Photo credit: ©Unsplash/Frank Mckenna

Olivia Lauren I’m a graduate student with a passion for the Bible, especially the Book of Romans, which introduces God’s grace. Outside of her research, she enjoys teaching her dogs new tricks and finding ways to quickly turn off smoke detectors after trying new recipes.

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