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Toyota Dominates Study Of Cars That Last Well Beyond 200,000 Miles

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With vehicle prices still at record highs, drivers continue to use older cars more than ever.Recent research from iSee Cars took a deep dive into the high-mileage car market, going back 20 years and examining over 2 million mainstream cars to find out which brands and models last the longest. In this case mainstream means a model that has been sold for at least 10 years. And one automaker dominates the rest.

the company is Toyota, although it is probably not surprising. Japanese automakers have earned a reputation for longevity for decades, and this study helps explain why.Ranking the top 20 cars with the longest potential lifespans Toyota accounts for more than half. far ahead of second place Hondaland 3 vehicles on the list. ford, GMCWhen chevrolet Tie for 3rd place with 2 cars each. Nissan Only one vehicle that sells poorly sells well Giant can End of production soon.

Toyota occupies six places in the top ten. sequoia at number one.The study puts the SUV’s potential lifespan at 296,509 miles, compared to his second-best vehicle (this time land cruiser Life expectancy is 280,236 miles. Chevrolet she recorded his 3rd place with 265,732 miles, Suburbsand its GMC Yukon XL The brothers are fifth with 252,360 miles.of toyota tundra 4th place with 256,022 miles.

The rest of the top 10 are toyota prius, chevrolet tahoe, Honda Ridge Line, toyota avalonWhen toyota highlander hybridFord’s best shows are expedition to 11th place. The Nissan Titan finished 18th. The bottom is toyota camry hybrid Potential lifespan is 230,547 miles.

words Potential Free to use in research. The lifespan of a vehicle depends on many factors outside the scope of the vehicle manufacturer, most importantly driving style and maintenance.

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