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Uber says customers will be able to track CO2 savings

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U.S. ride-hailing giant Uber on Thursday will let customers track the emissions they avoid when choosing greener rides, with carpool options available in more cities to further reduce CO2 emissions. announced that it would be possible.

According to the company, customers will be able to track the amount of CO2 avoided through the Uber Green service, which uses low- or zero-emission vehicles, and the Comfort Electric service, which uses electric vehicles (EVs). .

Uber has previously pledged to make all the vehicles it uses to offer rides to its customers fully electric by 2040, and now has 60,000 EVs on its platform. It states that

The company announced Thursday that it is developing a “smart charging” feature for EV drivers that “uses machine learning to recommend when and where to charge so drivers can maximize their revenue.”

Uber announced earlier this year that it would expand its “green routes” around the world, using mapping algorithms to improve fuel efficiency without increasing travel time or fares.

Introduced in North America last year, these algorithms “take into account all the factors that determine a vehicle’s fuel consumption, such as altitude and the amount of stops and starts at red lights.”

Uber said it plans to make all Uber Eats deliveries around the world zero-emissions by 2040 and “eliminate all unnecessary plastic waste” from the service by 2030.

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