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What Are the Names of Your Group Texts?

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The other morning, I was chatting with a fellow parent at a school blind date. “So,” he asked me, sipping his coffee. His question made me laugh — what a conversation starter! — but I had an answer too…

My most active group text is … Vulvas. We were thinking of a name that reflected female friendship, and her friend Anna said, “Vulvateen Rabbit?” We died laughing. That became the name, now shortened to “Vulvas” or “Vs”. The funniest part is when you order birthday flowers for someone in your group and have to ask the florist to sign a “Love, Vulvas” card. Or your kids will ask, “Are you having dinner with your vulva tonight?” Yes, everyone. Yes, it is.

My sister Lucy has a text group called “Whatnot” with her neighbors. Her sister-in-law, Emily, told me:

Maureen, marketing director for Cup of Jo, knows groups like:
— Bendy Budz: A friend I go to yoga with.
— Club Larry: My cousin and his friend are making fun of my aunt’s husband. Mainly sending photos of this guy Larry.
— ~*miLfS*~: All my middle school friends have become moms. The type is how we used to write aol screen names.

Group names are also cross-cultural. “‘Soap’ is between her two Americans and her one British,” said Colby, who lives in London. “We chose this name after an argument that it was silly for the British to call dish soap a ‘wash-up liquid’ because it was just soap! The British disagreed.” ”

But at the end of the day my friend Lina might eat cake. She then sent these:

What is your group text called? Most random question, but I love hearing the answers!

PS 10’s funniest reader comments and which comedy scene is your favourite?

(Photo by Lucas Ottone/Stocksey.)

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