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What Does it Mean to Be a Wife of Noble Character?

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There are a lot of preconceived notions about what a woman should be like as a wife. She must be charming, kind, fashionable, funny, and at the same time a great mother and boardroom genius.

Entitled the Bible verse of Proverbs “Epilogue: A Wife of a Noble Character,” the wife’s detail shows that her exemplary work is admired and sincerely admired by the entire community.

“Who can find a wife of noble character? She is worth far more than Ruby. Proverbs 31:10.

The chapter continues as an acrostic poem using all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, depicting a woman of great prowess: “Her works bring her praise at the gates of the city” (verse 31). doing. She gets up early and brings her strong arm and strong heart to her family.

Loyal and fair, she takes care of the poor, has a prodigious sense of business, is skilled with thread and needle, and enjoys a wonderful relationship with her husband and children. It is said to “fear the Lord” (verse 30).

Is this what a wife expects us to be?What does it mean to be a wife of “noble character” as described in Proverbs 31:10?

Let’s see what this means and whether this idealized femininity is possible.

what does the original hebrew say

First, it’s important to understand that the words “wife” and “noble” don’t always align with how we interpret them today. The word translated “wife” is actually Issa Also Isherwhich means a woman, usually a wife or significant other.

The word translated “noble” is hailAlso chile, means brave, courageous, courageous, or capable. It should be noted that this Judge 6:12 It is used to describe Gideon, an Israeli judge, but is translated there as “mighty.”

The wife of this noble character, therefore, is not a majestic figurehead who sits aloof from her throne and orders her servants to come and go. Rather, this is a strong and brave woman, the female version of Gideon’s “mighty warrior.”

Why is this “noble character wife” so great?

Make no mistake, the woman pictured here is no ordinary woman. She’s some kind of superwoman. She has a lot of work to do and she does it all skillfully without complaining. Her efforts have not only helped her family, but also extended to her community, benefiting the poor.

She’s dignified, has a great sense of humor, and is someone you can always count on to do the right thing.

Indeed, she is a rare find worth more than precious stones.

Wisdom is shown as a woman throughout Proverbs. for example, Proverbs 1:20wisdom is personified as a woman “raising her voice in the public square”, Proverbs 9:1she “built her own house. She erected its seven pillars.” Like loving and good spouses, we must welcome and value wisdom. Hmm.

Proverbs, also known as the Book of Wisdom, is presented as being written “to obtain wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:2).

As it says near the beginning of the book, “Fearing the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and teaching.”Proverbs 1:7).

This is exactly this “wife of noble character”, a wise, “lord-fearing” woman.Proverbs 31:30).

Proverbs 3:15 Describing wisdom much like the wife of this noble character, wisdom said: Nothing you want can compare to her.

And as the book later says of wisdom, Proverbs 8:35“Whoever finds me finds life and finds favor with the Lord.”

It is the same with those who are endowed with a noble character in their wives, and with those who possess that noble character.

Is this what a wife expects us to be?

Yes, this is like the wife a woman “should” be, but it’s important to understand that this is an idealized version of femininity, not a job description.

A “noble-character wife” is a goal of the highest level, something a woman should strive for, knowing that it is practically impossible to be absolutely perfect for anyone but the Lord.

But it’s not just about femininity. This is everyone’s goal. We should all try to be like Lady Wisdom and embody the characteristics of a noble wife.

It may help to understand this, just as Christians are expected to imitate Jesus. All Christians have a sinful nature, and while we strive to be like our role model Jesus, most Christians fall short. They usually spend their lives in vain trying to overcome stigma and become holy.

Similarly, women may strive to be like Jesus. proverbs 31The type of woman who knows that it is impossible to reach this pinnacle of excellence on her own.

As the Bible later explains, we can never be “good enough” or try hard enough to earn our place in Heaven. God’s forgiveness and our salvation depend on God’s mercy, not on our worth.

We cannot earn this, but instead must accept the gift given by Jesus. A perfect and unblemished Lamb, whose death on the cross paid our debts and guaranteed eternal life to those who believe in him.

Yet, we must do our best to model Christ well so that others may know Him, and that God’s work may flood the earth.

as Jesus said in John 15:5“I am the vine, you are the branch. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. You can do nothing but me.”

Wives of Noble Personalities in the Bible

We know that no one is more perfect than Jesus Himself, but there are some who can be called wives of noble character.

In Ruth Boaz called her “a lady of noble character” when he found her at the feet of the threshing floor (Ruth 3:11).

A strong, respected and good person, Boaz knew that after the death of her husband Ruth chose to remain with her mother-in-law Naomi and to be resettled in a foreign land far from her own people. I was.

He knew that Naomi had been honest and morally righteous and had worked hard in the fields to feed her. Boaz then married Ruth. Her son, Obed, was the father of King David and eventually Jesse, one of Jesus’ ancestors (Matthew 1:5).

Women of noble character are honest, hardworking, trustworthy and wise, like Ruth. She is loyal and trustworthy, striving to serve the Lord and do what is right rather than gaining power, success and wealth. She is also kind, considerate, and generous with others.

Although not specifically classified as such, we can find examples of other virtuous women “of a noble character” in the Bible: Rachel, the patient and hardworking wife of Jacob (Genesis 2930).

Hannah, former barren mother of the Prophet Samuel, prayerful (1 Samuel 1); Esther, who risked her life and position before the king to defend her people, the Jews (Esther 4:16).

Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist (Luke 1); the “worthy” and “blessed” Mary chosen as the mother of Jesus (Luke 1); and Mary Magdalene, a devout follower of Jesus (Luke 8).

Is there a connection between “noble lady” and wisdom?

Proverbs, also called the Book of Wisdom, begins with Wisdom personified as a woman, calling on the wall for people to repent and return to her (Proverbs 1:21), and ends by describing an outstanding woman (Proverbs 31:10-31) who seem to embody all the wisdom detailed throughout the book, yes.

Just as people everywhere cultivate and welcome wisdom, Proverbs teaches men to cultivate and welcome ladies.as say in Proverbs 12:4“A wife of noble character is the crown of her husband, but a shameful wife is like rotten bones.”

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to men and their wives. Women, unmarried men, and indeed all men should seek such justice and excellence in life.The teachings of Proverbs are intended for all God’s people.

Therefore let all women as well as men strive to be like the noble character of their wives. proverbs 31Let us all strive to be selfless, hardworking, caring, virtuous, strong, and kind.

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