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What to Wear This Summer, How to Comfort a Friend, and Other Reader Questions

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Joanna Goddard

We’ve answered 24 questions from our readers so far, and today we want to answer them again. Here are three more, including ways to refresh your home and become a better listener on a budget.

Q. “What are you wearing this summer?” I loved your post last summer about what the CoJ team is obsessed with, so I’m curious to see what everyone is wearing this year too . — Ursula

A. I would very much like to create an updated version of that post. But on the other hand, while looking at past photos (why does iPhoto always bring back the most moving memories?) every summer, he wears his MVP-winning black casual dress. I just realized I have one. I’ve worn it many times to dinner with friends and biking. Rides, playgrounds, travel, anywhere. I remember going to England last summer and feeling jet-lagged and sloppy, I changed into a black denim dress and my elegant aunt said, ‘Joe, you’re suddenly so chic! is what he said. Proof that LBD always saves the day. Here are 4 items that are perfect for this summer. shirt dress, linen, ginghamand Midi.

article pillow

article pillow

Q. “I love the Cup of Joe house tour, and I want my house to feel lively, but I don’t have a lot of budget. Would you? I am eternally grateful. —Z.

A. Dear Z, let me introduce you again to fakeovers, or makeovers where you simply move what you already own. For example, consider reorienting your sofa. Or you can swap artwork between rooms. I am amazed at how small tweaks can make a big difference. Another easy diversion is displaying family photos. They make you smile, and they’re free!

Or, if you want to change the color scheme or add texture, opt for home accessories instead of expensive new furniture. In the photo above, I added four pillows to the gray sofa. article (Affordable brands I love) — Money, velvet, sheepskin, blue — Plus fresh flowers from the deli. boom! This corner is a great place to curl up with a book or have a long chat with friends. A very easy and fun way to switch things up. (I also love twinkle table lampThanks to them, our home feels magical at night. )I wish you the best!

Q. Recently, some of my friends have been going through difficult situations (pregnancy loss, divorce, etc.). I want to be close to them, but I don’t know what to say and I get awkward. Another friend once told me that I sometimes focus too much on the positive aspects of difficult conversations. The last thing I want to do is make my friends feel unheard and unloved. Any tips for staying safe would be appreciated. ” – has been

A. Wow, Bina, that’s a very good question! And I’d love to hear from the CoJ Hiveminds about what has worked for others. He has three phrases that make you feel good whenever you hear them. “Thanks for telling me”, “That’s really hard”, and “Tell me more”. Often you just want to share your thoughts and feel understood, but a listening ear is important. gift.When I called his father afterwards my stepfather When he passed away in December of last year, as I cried, he repeatedly said, “I understand,” in a gentle voice. To be honest, I will never forget that call and how much it meant to me. Things don’t have to be complicated to make sense. You seem like a good friend just for asking this question.

We love you all and would love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you’d like, leave your questions in the comments for future columns. XO XO

PS More questions from our readers and 5 ways to become a better listener.

(Photos of the living room: Christine Han. )

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