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What’s the Most Helpful Thing a Therapist Has Ever Told You?

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Well, I have a confession…

i love my therapist and i know you don’t assumption In fact, I’m always trying to ask questions to find out more about her. Needless to say, she never takes the bait. Examples like that:

Me: “How was Thanksgiving?”
She: “Okay, thank you.”
I’m dying for information: “What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?”
She: “Oh, you know, a classic.”

But she’s a genius, so you can’t really blame me. During our sessions, she offered some very thoughtful words of wisdom. What is the most helpful phrase she shared?

Both are true.

Just before she said this, I was describing a stressful parenting situation, but I really, really, really, really love my kids. said: Two things apply.

Since then, the concept has come to mind many times. when my stepfather died, I was relieved he could finally rest and heartbroken that he was gone. As we laughed together at her mother’s house after her mother’s funeral, I realized that I could celebrate her mother’s life and mourn her loss. Whenever I spent evenings or weekends alone, I enjoyed some quiet time and missed the noise of my children. I remember feeling it.

So! Have you been to therapy? What are some helpful things your therapist has taught you? We’d love to hear these special nuggets.

This song also makes me laugh:

PS What are the Grand Canyon tricks that have helped you millions of times, 5 ways to become a better listener, and what are your core values?

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