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You could win a Tesla Cybertruck – if you have referral points

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Elon Musk took the stage at the end of 2019 to unveil a radical electric pickup. Although there were some troubles during the presentation, the Cybertruck immediately became a hot topic. But since then the wait has been so long and it started to feel like the pickup will never come. Nonetheless, development continues, and Tesla claims it will be on the market soon. To coincide with the launch, there will be an amazing promotion. To promote its newest referral program, Tesla is giving away Cybertrucks in a raffle, and just about anyone can enter using the automaker’s app.

Twitter user BabyTesla noticed the draw and posted a screenshot showing that users needed 500 credits to enter. Credits come with referrals sent to non-Tesla owners or purchases from the Tesla shop. Depending on the model, referring a buyer to a Tesla earns him 3,500 points if the referral buys a Model S or X, and 2,000 points if the referral buys a Model 3 or Y. By simply buying a Model S or X for herself, her existing Tesla customers will give the purchaser her 6,000 credits, and 3 or Y will bring her 3,000 points.

This offer is not truly free – you have to buy something from or sell something for Tesla to earn points – the real value here is that you pay nothing extra to get a Cybertruck in perhaps Get it faster than other buyers. Of course, we don’t know exactly how much this truck will cost, but it’s strange that it’s so close to launch, but given Tesla’s recent price hikes and subsequent price cuts, it was initially expected It likely won’t reach its $40,000 starting price.

The promotion marks the relaunch of Tesla’s referral program, which has come a long way. For the automaker, this is an on-again, off-again project that received mixed reviews from several owners and the media after it was first launched a few years ago. It remains to be seen what the consequences of this latest improvement will be, but the potential bad press isn’t nearly as bad as the chorus of criticism that would erupt if Tesla missed yet another Cybertruck delivery milestone. right.

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