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Zenvo Will Only Make Three (3) More TSRs

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once upon a time, top gear – old man top gear — had a Zenvo, It caught fire, and the lap time slowed down, but Cause of great anger from Zenvo people, a Danish supercar manufacturer. And then something happened: many people I forgot Zenvo existed, because it only pops up a few times with the “new” Zenvo, which is a variation of the same old Zenvo. Zenvo will launch his TS1 in 2016, and Zenvo announced last week that he will build a few of his last TS cars. Three TSR-GTs to be exact. they are already sold Zenbo saysSorry, “assigned”. After that, Zenvo will work on something completely new, they say.

The TSR-GT will make 1,360 horsepower, Zenvo says, thanks to an “enhanced” version of the 5.8-liter supercharged V8. TSR-GT, along with regular petrol he can also run on E85. That’s because Zenvo says it’s concerned about the “modern world longevity” of cars. Top speed is limited to 263 mph. Zenvo also made small tweaks here and there. This was clearly a good enough pitch for an unnamed buyer or purchaser of the TSR-GT. From the Zenvo release:

Zenvo’s design team focused on downforce and high-speed stability with a new elongated rear spoiler, and also created a new type of aero wheel disc cover. It is designed to reduce drag and allow a limited top speed of 424 kp/h / 263 mph. The power of TSR-GT. All drag reduction reinforcements are done in prepreg his carbon fiber by his Zenvo artisans in Denmark.


On the other hand, the interior has also changed significantly from the TSR-S cockpit. Instead of bare carbon fiber, a sports-focused implementation, his Zenvo design team carefully curated the use of multi-leather applications. The new TSR-GT also gets leather Alcantara in the dashboard, seats and steering wheel, as well as noise-reducing leather-edged velor floor mats on top of the carbon fiber floor panels.

To clarify, Zenvo says that this TSR is “probably” only the final act. This means that if you have a few million and need a TSR-GT, Zenvo will be happy to make one.

The TSR-GT announcement follows Zenvo’s expansion plans, including the planned launch of an all-new vehicle developed from the ground up in Q3 2023. Chief Commercial Officer Jens Sverdrup, who joined last year from Czinger Vehicles, was later announced as chairman in the first quarter of 2022.

They say it’s really hard to make a profit in the supercar business. This seems correct given how many supercar makers have gone bankrupt over the years, but Zenvo, on the other hand. Whether you remember them or not, they’re still here.

Image from article titled

Photo: Zenbo

Image from article titled

Photo: Zenbo

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