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10 Prayers for the Divorced Woman This Christmas

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Vacations can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, and divorce doesn’t create the best of circumstances. As a divorced woman, nothing throws a damper on the holiday season like constant reminders that you’re alone right now. The lack of plus-ones to holiday parties rubs salt on an already raw wound. Navigating Christmas as a single divorced woman can be jarring at best and devastating at worst. there is.

Thankfully, we know that Jesus is always with us during this holiday, on a daily basis. He’s with you at his family’s dinner table, in the buffet line at an office party, and in your car driving home alone. Regardless of what the official court-stamped documents declare, you are not alone this Christmas or any other. , joy and rest. You can still celebrate the birth of Christ by resting in the beauty of Emmanuel. God is with us.

with God you.

Here are 10 prayers for divorced women this holiday season:

1. Prayer for Strength

God, your children need you. she feels sick She’s overwhelmed by the pressure of the season, navigating it all alone, and exhausted.You’re here to remind her of your presence and help rejuvenate her tired body and her mind. please give me. let her rest Refresh her spirit with your truth and renew her with her gospel message. Let her know that your strength is perfectly crafted in her weakness, and that she doesn’t need to be strong alone. Thank you God for your gift of strength this Christmas.

2. Prayer of Courage

Lord, I pray for the divorced and terrified women this holiday season. Give her her courage and transform her cries of despair into her powerful roar. Soothe her anxiety and worries. Let her know that she is not walking this journey alone and that people are there for her. When the nights feel long and her car ride is cold and lonely, give her her courage to overcome her fear and despair.Thank God for her gift of courage this Christmas.

3. Prayer for Peace

Oh Jesus, give peace to your divorced daughter. She has been through so many trials and heartaches that have wreaked havoc on her mental health and emotional stability. please. Calm her whirling thoughts. Alleviate her fear of not being able to do it all and having to do it all alone. Fill her with the peace you promised in Scripture, the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding, let her be so peaceful in her heart and mind that she will be a shining light and a witness to you. Thank you God for the gift of peace this Christmas.

4. Prayer for Hope

Dear Heavenly Father, your daughter needs hope. Fill her not with her despair, but with her earnest hope for her future. Remove all doubt from her mind and let her trust in your assurance that she has a future. Trust me you can see it all. Let hope spring up and bring your daughter to life. Thank you God for the gift of hope this Christmas.

5. Preparatory Prayer

Lord, the holidays can be expensive and navigating Christmas as a single woman and/or single parent can be incredibly stressful. increase. Multiply her funds as you have multiplied bread and fish. Lord, we know that if you own a cow on a thousand hills, you can stretch her vacation budget.This season, we know she needs for herself and her family. Please help me get everything. Give her financially as well as emotionally. Lord, fill the void wherever you are. Thank God for the gift of preparation this Christmas.

6. Prayer for Identity

Heavenly Father, you know the pain that labels can bring. We see in the Bible that Jesus was called by many different names and insulted in many different ways. As a divorced woman, I sometimes feel like the Big D wears a name tag in bold, permanent marker. But on this holiday, remind your daughters that their identity lies within you. Lord please replace the negative labels with positive labels. Erase that Big D and replace it with Princess. Thank you God for giving us our identity this Christmas.

Dear God, your divorced daughter needs a reminder of your love this holiday season. sitting at the table. Lord, give her a miraculous view of your love. Remind her physically and visually how much you love her. Saturate her with the truth of your words. Let her examine her Bible for the beauty of her love that is shown in her gospel message. Remind her that you love her and that you haven’t abandoned her. Thank you God for the divine gift of love this Christmas.

Lord, please protect divorced women this holiday season. They are often out shopping alone or with their children and need you to watch over them. Thank you for your constant presence and your only prayers. Take care of her, Lord, remind her of your constant watch and care. As you walk through the holidays as a woman, protect her not only physically, but emotionally as well. Protect her emotions and her heart and give her everything she needs in you. Protect her dreams and sleep. Rest her in your safety. Thank you God for your gift of protection this Christmas.

9. Prayer of Forgiveness

Oh Dad, forgive me for this vacationing divorced woman. Maybe she needs to forgive her ex-husband for breaking her vows and leaving her, maybe she committed adultery or other damaging blows to her contract. Should forgive her ex-spouse for giving or giving. Let go of all temptations for retribution and revenge, Lord, and trust You to bring vengeance, as promised in Your Word. Remind her that you are just and holy and that you see all and handle all – be it this life or eternity. Lord, maybe she needs to forgive herself too. Help her let go of her resentment and resentment towards herself and her others and embrace her freedom. Equip her as you move forward to her joy in her seasons that you have for her.Thank God for her gift of forgiveness this Christmas.

10. Joyful Prayer

Dear God, I pray joy for the divorced woman this holiday season. Fill her with joy from Your Spirit and let it overflow to all around her. Let her joy be wild, bold and contagious. Let Christmas shine brighter than the twinkling lights of her tree. Jesus came to give her her abundant life so she can have it. She can be happy this season because of who you are and how much you love her.Thank God for her gift of joy this Christmas.

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