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2023 Chicago Auto Show Special | Autoblog Podcast #768

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In this episode of auto blog Podcast Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore joins Road Test Editor Zac Palmer and News Editor Joel Stocksdale. The trio kick things off with a recap of the Chicago Auto Show and all the significant vehicles that debuted there. From there, the conversation turned to the Super Bowl and the car commercials that aired this year. The three then discuss some of the vehicles he’s been driving this week, including the new Toyota Sienna long-term test car and his 2023 Genesis Electrified G80. Plus, Greg finally takes time out for his crew longtime Kia EV6 to give his take on electric crossovers. It all ends with a little twist in the “Spend My Money” segment, like the listener asks for feedback on their recent car purchase.

For Mailbag and Spend My Money questions, please send them to: Podcast@Autoblog.com.

Autoblog Podcast #768

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