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Chai Challah French Toast is Even Easier to Make in the Oven

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Nothing beats Sunday breakfast. Lately, I’ve been making Sunday mornings a little ritual, practicing a tried-and-true routine that helps me embrace good vibes for the week ahead. and neighborhood coffee runs, a little diary, and cleaning up an area of ​​my apartment that was neglected for the week. Of course, nothing ends a lazy morning like a cozy and elaborate breakfast. (‘It’s the season to romanticize your life, isn’t it?) Pancakes, waffles, savory quiches… all are fair game. But my latest obsession? Oven-baked Chaichara French Toast.

I’m a ride-or-die pancake/waffle girl when it comes to morning carbs. But I also understand my hesitation. Prepare while the is still hot.

how to make french toast in the oven

I love skillet top French toast, but the last thing I want to do is stand on the stove and fry each piece of toast individually. To make this challenge French he toast in the oven, you’ll need a large baking dish of your choice. Some tips:

  • Grease the baking dish to prevent the French toast from sticking.
  • Make the custard the night before. To get the most out of the chai spice flavor in this French toast, I make the milk mixture without the eggs the night before. In the morning, simply whisk the eggs, dip the toast into the custard and add to the plate.
  • Oven-baked French toast is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Of course, this French he can bake the toast on the stove.

French toast seasoning tips

Chai spice is the real star of this French toast.Warm and slightly sweet, this dish is very comforting. And since I’m all about maximizing flavor, I incorporate chai spice in a few different ways.

First, custard. To maximize the chai flavor, soak the chai bag overnight in milk or heat the milk to extract the chai and cool before assembling. This helps the bread take on all the warm flavors when it is dipped in the custard. Also add ground spices to the milk.

Next topping. A topping of brown sugar streusel spiced with cinnamon and cardamom adds a slightly sweet crunch.

Finally whipped cream. Add some freshly ground spices to the whipped cream to make everything even more flavorful. Serve it with a cup of chai to really take things over the top. This is my go-to recipe.

How to eat calla french toast

As with any other breakfast treat, I like to serve this challah French toast topped with fruit. , or even a pear, adds a sweet-sour bite and keeps things from getting too sweet. It’s also delicious with sliced ​​almonds and a little jam. It goes without saying that the French toast should be served warm.

Scroll through the recipes. If you made this Calla French Toast, please rate and review below.Cozy weekend breakfast Instagram!

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