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2024 Toyota Tacoma interior starts to shape up in spy photos

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The next generation Toyota Tacoma has been spied on again. These photos are one of the best looks of the new truck interior. Naturally, it borrows heavily from other Toyota vehicles, especially the current Tundra and Sequoia.

In this example, there is a large central screen clearly running Toyota’s latest infotainment system. It blends into the instrument cluster cowl, but there is considerable space between it and the actual gauges. Perhaps the volume knob is lurking around the camouflage hole. What you can see in the instrument cluster is probably a bar gauge that shows the temperature of the fuel or coolant. It looks like a simple luminometer, not an LCD screen. There’s likely a large screen next to it to show things like speed, fuel economy, and other more detailed menus.

Stick with the center console-mounted shift lever, which is clearly straight out of the Tundra. The steering wheel also seems to come from the same source.

The Tacoma will be unveiled later this year as a 2024 model. Previous spy photos suggested it would have coil-spring rear suspension. We expect the powertrain to be overhauled, and similarities to the EV truck concept could hint at future electric variants.

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