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23 Best Lemon Desserts

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What kind of dessert can you make with lots of lemons?try these 23 Best Lemon Desserts Add a fresh twist to the sweet ending. From zesty bars to cakes and no-bake desserts to sunny, citrus-infused, creamy lemon pies, there’s something for everyone.

An overhead view of a lemonade cake topped with frosting swirls and lemon slices, with the slices cut.

The Best Lemon Desserts for Spring (and Beyond)

Spring is almost here, so I love lemon desserts. Lemon squares, lemon cake, lemon pie – here you go! You name dessert, and I can’t get enough. Lemon treats are a great way to add a fresh twist to the end of a meal.

Desserts with lemon are irresistible.sweet and tangy je ne sais quoi sugar and citrus. It’s a refreshing change after rich winter desserts like pumpkin cobbler and bread pudding.

Below, we’ve rounded up all of the best, brightest, lemony desserts on the blog.

Why You’ll Love These Recipes

What makes this the ultimate list of lemon desserts?

  • Perfect for spring. Warm temperatures are here. Ready to greet them with a fresh dessert full of sunny flavors. Who’s with me? (Hmm… these lemon recipes are great for Easter, too!)
  • Simple. Mouth-watering desserts don’t have to be complicated. The purpose of these tangy treats is to keep things simple and delicious using simple ingredients.
  • Full of lemon flavor. Most of these recipes call for real, fresh lemons for the best possible flavor.

23 Easy Lemon Dessert Ideas You Should Try

Ready for a refreshing and easy lemon dessert? Below you’ll find everything from lemon bars to blondie, lemon cake, cheesecake and more.

Lemon ice bars arranged on a white cloth.

Light No-Bake Lemon Icebox Bar

you didn’t burn me! These brightened lemon bars take less than 30 minutes to make.

A stack of three lemon cream cheese bars surrounded by lemon slices.

easy lemon cream cheese bar

Tangy lemon and tangy cream cheese pair perfectly with these simple yet delicious lemon bars. The filling is rich and creamy between pleasantly crumbly layers.

Front view of lemon poppy seed pound cake cut into slices.

lemon poppy seed pound cake

This is a recipe for a moist and flavorful lemon pound cake sprinkled with poppy seeds. I like to think of this cake as a giant version of the lemon poppy seed muffin. It’s soft and fluffy.

An overhead view of a glazed lemon curd pound cake cut into slices.

Limoncello Glaze Lemon Curd Pound Cake

This time an easy pound cake recipe with creamy lemon curd ribbons all over. Top with a homemade limoncello infused glaze?

Slice of lemon cream pie on a plate.

lemon cream pie

This easy lemon pie is made with a tangy no-bake lemon cream filling inside a crisp chive wafer crust.

Frosted Pistachio Lemon Bundt Cake Served on a square plate with crushed pistachios.

pistachio lemon bundt cake

Combining mild, nutty pistachios with bright lemon, the delicious Bundt Cake has an authentic Mediterranean flair. If you like pistachio desserts like baklava, you’ll love the flavor combination in this lemon cake his recipe!

Lemon chiffon cake served on a plate.

lemon chiffon cake

Be amazed by the soft and fluffy lemon crumbs of this incredible Lemon Chiffon Cake. The perfect Easter dessert, drizzled with sweet lemon buttercream.

A slice of lemonade pie on a plate with a fork in the foreground.

lemonade pie

Look no further for your next summer pie recipe. This guy is a keeper! Lemonade pie tastes like a tall cold glass of lemonade encased in a smooth, creamy (almost) no-bake dessert.

A slice of no-bake strawberry lemon ice box pie on a plate.

strawberry lemon icebox pie

This no-bake strawberry lemon icebox pie is a summer fruit one-two punch made from a creamy, sweet-tart lemon pudding filling dotted with fresh strawberries.

Slice of lemon chess pie on a plate

lemon chess pie

You’ve probably heard of chocolate chess pies. This easy chess pie has all the tantalizing creaminess of the original, infused with fresh lemon juice and zest.

Lemon blueberry whoopie pie served on a plate

lemon blueberry whoopie pie

Try these soft, cakey sandwich cookies bursting with zesty lemon flavor and juicy ripe blueberries. These homemade whoopie pies filled with lemon cream cheese frosting will have you hooked.

A lemon meringue cheesecake on a cake stand missing a slice.

lemon meringue cheesecake

Get ready to do your happy dance! Once you take a bite of the exquisite homemade lemon cheesecake topped with fluffy meringue, the excitement will never stop.

A square stack of three coconut lemons propped up on a small rectangular plate.

coconut lemon square

Wait until your teeth sink into these creamy lemon bars with a tropical coconut twist. This easy dessert bar recipe is perfect for a potluck. Watch them disappear off the table!

Lemonade cake topped with frosting swirls and lemon slices and cut into slices.

easy lemonade cake

Turn your humble lemon cake mix and can of frozen lemonade into this deliciously easy lemonade cake frosted with a tangy cream cheese frosting.

Three lemonade brownies next to a lemon wedge on a yellow plate.

lemonade brownie

I really should call these Blondies – they’re definitely blonde and full of bright, sun-kissed lemon flavor. will be!

A frosted pink lemonade chiffon cake on a cake stand surrounded by clusters of pink chiffon.

pink lemonade chiffon cake

This pink lemonade chiffon cake conjures up the image of a tutu as much as possible. Made from pink lemonade and egg whites, Lemon Cake’s soft, airy layers are filled with a rich pink lemonade frosting.

A thick slice of Meyer Lemon Bund Cake next to the rest of the cake.

meyer lemon band cake

This is a fun spin on the 7UP Bundt Cake (see below) made with Lemon Lime Soda and infused with the sweet lemon flavor of Meyer Lemons.

One truffle cut in half in a small bowl of white chocolate lemon truffles.

lemon cream truffle

These sweet, velvety white chocolate truffles are rich, buttery, and burst with lemon flavor. Like sunshine!

Three Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake bars were stacked and topped with whipped cream and strawberries on a wooden board.

strawberry lemon cheesecake bar

You’ll love this easy recipe for a rich lemon cheesecake layered with fresh strawberry filling. A perfect dessert for spring and summer, topped with lemon peel pastry.

Close up of lemon meringue rice crispies placed on a marble surface with crispy sweets in the background.

Lemon meringue crispy treats

This recipe for perfect homemade rice crispy treats brings a fresh lemon flavor and a thick layer of fluffy meringue. The result is 100% attractive!

Assorted white chocolate lemon blondie on a wooden platter with utensils in the background.

white chocolate lemon blondie

Try these easy Lemon Blondies stuffed with white chocolate chips.Perfect for gifting or sharing.

A 7UP pound cake coated with lemon icing.

7UP cake

Soft drink? on cake? you bet! This 7UP bundt cake is the ultimate lemon dessert, flavored with lemon-lime soda and drizzled with creamy lemon glaze.

Berry pound cake trifle served in a glass trifle dish.

pound cake trifle

A classic trifle recipe that layers sweet and tangy lemon curd with spongy pound cake, whipped cream and fresh fruit. Make it for all spring occasions!

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