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6-year-old boy summons $1,000 in food deliveries off Grubhub

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Just imagine: delivery truck after truck arriving at your house, bags of take-out dinners piled up on your porch, and more and more. That’s what happened to a Michigan man whose 6-year-old son says on his father’s phone that he ordered his Grubhub grub worth $1,000.

Keith Stonehouse said he let his son Mason play with his cell phone for 30 minutes last weekend at his home in Chesterfield Township in the Detroit area. Mason used his Grubhub account at Stonehouse to order such delicacies as Jumbo His Shrimp, Salad, Shawarma and Chicken Pita His Sandwich, and Chili His Cheese His Fries. The food came from several restaurants, so a string of cars drove down to their house, the doorbell rang, and the food piled up outside their front door.

Stonehouse said several orders had arrived before it became clear what was going on. By then, there was nothing he could do to stop the delivery van from coming.

“It was like a Saturday Night Live skit,” said Keith Stonehouse. MLive.com.

He added:

“I ordered 20 pieces of jumbo shrimp, lots of chicken sandwiches, chili cheese fries, ice cream, vine leaves, rice and other sandwiches five times and I was like, ‘What the hell?'” Stone said. Mr House said. NBC’s “Today” Show“It was all piling up and I didn’t understand.”

“I took my phone away from him before bed and haven’t seen it in a long time,” Stonehouse says. “I see GrubHub reminders and alerts scrolling continuously: ‘Your food has been ordered’, ‘Your food is being made’, ‘Your food is coming’, “Your food has been delivered.”

Stonehouse said Mason ordered from so many places that Chase Bank sent him a fraud alert and declined the $439 custom pizza order. But not before Mason ordered $183 jumbo shrimp from the same restaurant.

And all of these dinners were on top of dinners Stonehouse had previously ordered from Grubhub. The family theorizes that the app was still open on Mason’s phone when he let him play.

As any mother would say, things fall apart when you’re not around. Mason’s mother, Christine Stonehouse, was at the movies at the time. She told The Associated Press that Grubhub offered them a $1,000 gift card and wanted to use the family in an advertising campaign.

Keith Stonehouse said most of the food ended up in the family’s refrigerator.

My parents tried to explain the problem, but they didn’t seem to understand. And he’s looking at me over the blanket with only his eyes,” Stonehouse told TODAY. “Mason stopped me mid-sentence and held out his hand and said, ‘Dad, stop.’ When is the pepperoni pizza coming?”

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