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At $13,500, Is This 1974 Chevy G-10 Van a Groovalicious Deal?

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nice price or no die 1974 chevrolet g-10 van

according to today’s seller nice price or no dice A Chevrolet van, it’s been “garage kept and baby raised” all along. Let’s see if it’s the price to be someone else’s baby right away.

I have a fun game that my friends and I like to play. The point is Take any movie featuring Matt Damon, replace him with Ben Affleck, and defend how that makes the movie better or worse.

Spoiler alert: Most of the time things get worse.

With that fake GT 350 livery, 1966 Ford Mustang We watched yesterday and tried to be Damon as best we could, but in the end That coupe body afflecked everything. The $22,500 price tag was too much of a discord for many, and Mustang suffered his 67% no-dice loss.

Image of article with $13,500 title, is this 1974 Chevy G-10 van a global deal?

Nothing seems fake about today 1974 Chevrolet G-10 Shorty VanIn fact, when viewed as a whole, the great 70’s paint scheme, sidepipe side exhaust and white letter tires look authentically appropriate for the era.

It’s all the more surprising considering that this model of Chevy’s (and therefore GMC’s) van enjoyed a quarter of a century in production.

The heyday of van life was in the 1970s, This well maintained van is on display Almost as a time capsule of that high water mark. It looks like the paint is peeling off in places and the corners are creeping with rust, but pair this with her Pukashell necklace and you’ll feel like the coolest cat on the block.

Image of article with $13,500 title, is this 1974 Chevy G-10 van a global deal?

It should be pointed out that panel bangs have another, less positive association. With creepers and perverts.If you watch a serial killer show black bird You may recall that panel vans were the main vehicle for the characters in “Burn Sides” last year. There’s nothing more creepy than that falsetto freak.

If that’s the vibe you’re looking for, sadly this Chevrolet simply doesn’t fit the bill. In fact, the wood-paneled walls, home improvement carpet, and velor upholstery make it look more like ‘dad’s study’ than ‘sin bin’. It seems there are only 5 There are seats here, somewhat wasteful given the potential load capacity of the van. yet, It’s all very neat and includes what looks like a nice homemade shelf/cup holder in the kennel.

Image of article with $13,500 title, is this 1974 Chevy G-10 van a global deal?

Underneath is a 350 V8 with a 3-speed turbo attached to it.firehydraMatic automatic with column shift. According to the ad, it gets its lifespan via a new battery and comes with a fresh change of fluids.Another plus is that the van rocks the original blue and gold California license plate.

On the downside, it has the aforementioned rust, or patina if you want to clean it up. Also, while the wheels and tires are said to be new, these alloys are a bit out of place with the rest of the truck (Cragars would be the chef’s kiss), has anyone heard of the Milestar Streetsteel tires? Come to think of it, it actually sounds like the name of an action hero invented by someone with an imagination. 12 year old child.

Image of article with $13,500 title, is this 1974 Chevy G-10 van a global deal?

Okay, sassy enough. Let’s get down to brass tacks. The asking price for the clean-titled van is $13,500, and recently he’s been slashed from $15,500. 2 Grand is a significant drop in this price range, but is it enough?

Do you think $13,500 is a fair price for this retro? Chevrolet van as advertised? Or do you expect this More on 70’s Vans ’70s prices?

you decide!

San Francisco Bay Area, California, craigslist. or go Here If the ad disappears.

H/T to Don R for a hookup!

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