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Bill could eliminate vehicle inspections in Texas

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The van is being serviced at Firestone in El Paso. May 24, 2023. (KFOX14/CBS$)

A new bill, already on the desk of Governor Greg Abbott, could eliminate annual inspections of non-commercial vehicles in Texas.

“The state of Texas basically considers your vehicle to be roadworthy,” says Jose Escalera, a mechanic at Firestone in El Paso.

Vehicle inspection is still required for vehicle registration.

Escalera said the cost of the inspection can range from $7 to $18, depending on the year of the car.

During the inspection, the mechanic will inspect wipers, tires, lights, etc.

“All lights must be on. ‘It can’t flicker or go out, it can’t crack or break,'” Escalera said. “When it comes to tires, you can’t go below 2/30s. At that point, the tires have no traction.”

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If you fail the vehicle inspection, you will not be able to stick the vehicle inspection sticker.

But now House Bill 3297 Abolish inspection.

Escalera and other El Paso residents say testing keeps everyone on the streets safe.

“There are many factors that determine whether a car is roadworthy and most people don’t know it. I don’t really care if I know until I start to recognize it,” Escalera said. .

“It will probably cause more problems in the future. If we start having a large fleet of vehicles that don’t necessarily meet the guidelines that we think of, we could probably put people at risk,” said Leslie Gonzalez. rice field.

Still, other drivers say the bill is a good move.

“I kind of understand their point of view. I think it’s 50/50 on that. The people who are actually driving need to take full responsibility,” said Aaron Martinez.

“I think it’s a good idea.

If the governor signs the bill, the changes will go into effect on September 1.

Although annual inspections will no longer be required, the bill does not abolish emissions inspections.

Currently, 17 counties, including El Paso County, require emissions testing.

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