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Charts show Tesla losing market share amid California’s booming EV sales

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Electric car sales in California hit a record high in early 2023, accounting for more than 21% of all new car sales in the Golden State so far this year.

The share of the new car market made up of EVs, including fully electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cells and plug-in electric hybrid models, has more than doubled in the last two years. According to state vehicle registration data, electric models accounted for less than 8% of the state new car market in 2020. California Energy Commission.

California launches aggressive exhaust emissions designed to phase out emissions known to harm human health and cause global climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere Tube regulations have long dominated the electric vehicle market in the United States.

But this state of affairs is just the beginning of a rapid transition. With regulations requiring most new cars sold in California to be zero-emission by 2035, the number of clean cars is expected to grow exponentially.

What are the most popular electric vehicles?

Tesla is, without a doubt, the dominant player in the market. It has been the number one selling EV since 2018. In addition, the company’s Model 3 and Model Y are currently the best-selling new cars in the state and the top three most popular gasoline-powered vehicles (Toyota’s RAV4, Camry, and Corolla, according to the California New Car Dealers Association). .

That said, Tesla’s market share has been declining in recent months. Especially because of the increasing competition from other manufacturers in the clean car field, such as BMW, Chevrolet and Jeep.

Where in California are people buying electric cars?

Drivers are most likely to own electric vehicles in the Bay Area, and most people live in single-family homes, especially in Silicon Valley’s affluent enclaves. San Mateo County sold 21 of his EVs per 1,000 residents last year, with the highest rate of electricity sales per capita. Meanwhile, Santa Clara County had the highest EV percentage of new vehicles sold, at 34%.

How much did your sales grow?

Electric vehicles were about 2% of the new car market in California ten years ago. Sales grew slowly until 2018, when the mass release of Tesla’s Model 3 changed the game. Sales are booming thanks to a number of factors, including less hesitation. Electric vehicles now account for over 21% of his market.


reports and graphics Amy Chen and Yuri Avila. Reporter Dustin Gardiner. Editor Dan Kopp, Hillary Fong, Sarah Libby and Erica Carlos.

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