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China-market Buick Electra E5 meets the world

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After the Buick Envista crossover recently debuted in China, we know it’s on its way to the US market. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previewed another Buick crossover that is finally here. Releases discovered by car news chinaThe battery-powered Electra E5 was unveiled as part of the ministry’s process of initiating public comment for new market entries. This is the landing of his E5, which sits in the middle of the E1 to E9 trademark series that Buick reserved a few years ago, and his Ultium for the Buick brand that kicks off a new electric era for his GM brand over there. It is a base EV. The five-passenger crossover measures 192.6 inches long, 75 inches wide and 66.2 inches high with a wheelbase length of 116.3 inches. This size has the same wheelbase as his upcoming 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV and is about two inches longer in length. The base wheels are 18″ with a 20″ unit on the option list.

of battery The pack is sourced from a joint venture between CATL and SAIC, with SAIC being GM’s joint venture partner in China. The automaker said it was “tailored for China,” but we don’t know what that means, nor do we know the capacity. Thanks to MIIT information, we know that the E5 weighs 5,666 pounds and is powered by a single 241 horsepower motor capable of achieving a top speed of 112 miles per hour in this early form.

A spy photographer caught an Electra SUV in camouflage in Michigan earlier this month. It has all the same design cues found on the Chinese model. Narrow headlights and taillights, his 3-piece high brake lights in the hatch spoiler, and the same wheels. We may be wrong, but we’d bet good money on our Electra making more than his 241 horsepower. Even in the compact Buick Envision he puts out 228 horsepower and is about 2,000 pounds lighter than the Chinese market Electra E5.

Just like here, the E5 represents Buick’s first proper move towards an all-electric lineup, which is expected to be completed by 2030. And the Chevrolet Volt-based Velight 7. car news china Said Neither sell well, with the Velite 6 being “a bit quirky” and the 7 being a bit small for the Chinese market. SAIC smart cockpit And GM’s Super Cruise. Deliveries will begin in China early next year, and the E5’s arrival in the US is expected in time for his 2024 model year. His tiny Ultium-based Buick Electra E4 is set to debut in China next year.

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