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Ferrari Vision GT Concept Is a Le Mans Hypercar With No Limits

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Rendering of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

image: Ferrari

Since the Vision Gran Turismo Initiative was launched with Mercedes in 2013, around 30 automakers have contributed in one way or another to the Vision Gran Turismo Initiative. However, one prominent name was missing from this list. Over the weekend, Ferrari finally unveiled its own no-limits concept. Gran Turismo 7 Later this month.

Work on the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo began in mid-2019, says Flavio Manzoni, Maranello’s design director. GT PlanetA lot has happened in the Prancing Horse world since then. Marquez has returned to racing his top-class sports car with his new Le Mans hypercar. 499Preinvigorated its supercar line-up. 296GTB and GTS.

Rendering of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

image: Ferrari

Ferrari’s Vision Gran Turismo borrows some cues from the 499P on the outside, with similar light signatures on the front and back. However, almost everything in between is unique. One gets the sense that if Ferrari were to introduce a production version of his 499P, it would be something a little more similar.

Get on track with Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 7

No matter how futuristic Ferrari gets, I always love throwing in some NACA ducts.
image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

One notable similarity is the engine. Ferrari has envisioned the very same twin-turbo V6 that powers his 296 series at the heart of this prototype, complemented by three electric motors (as opposed to those of the Le Mans challenger). I’m here. Overall, Ferrari calculates a total of 1,350 horsepower from the combined hybrid drive system.

View from inside the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo on the course of

image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Manufacturers like to tout how concepts help them design for future production. But when Ferrari says so, people tend to sit back and pay attention. Manzoni told his GTPlanet about the company’s vision his Gran Turismo his machine:

“The idea was to create something that looked like a contradiction, but it wasn’t,” he continued. “We wanted to create something precise, sharp, yet organic. This contradiction makes something really special. will produce.”

“I wanted a kind of seamless effect between the inner and outer surfaces to create an organic object that fuses art and science,” explained Manzoni.

Reading between the lines, the entire brief behind the design sounds vaguely reminiscent of Cadillac’s old “art and science” inspiration. more art and more Science. The long canopy and protruding buttocks above the wheels are strikingly close to his VGT from Porsche on the cover of the game. The razor-edged heck blend speaks for what Manzoni describes, creating a sharp contrast between the organic and the mechanical, and is sure to delight Scuderia fans. of draws a clear through line to his 499P.

Rendering of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

image: Ferrari

Technically, here comes the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo. of GT7 The in-game dealer is coming on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas. however, GT7 If you correctly answer the last question of the audience campaign by December 4th, it will automatically arrive in your Garage on December 15th. By the way, the answer to that question is “Takuma Miyazono”.

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