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Honda Key, Ford Ignition, Corvette V8

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2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Photo: car and bid

Remember Local Motors Rally FighterWith a crowdsourced design that combines sports car and off-roader and a classification as a kit car legalized in 50 states, few people would actually want to own one, but one most would appreciate It was. If you were driving, you were guaranteed to get noticed wherever you went.

2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Photo: car and bid

The Rally Fighter is extremely rare as only about 100 were built before production ended. But if you’re kicking yourself by not buying a new one, we have some great news for you. car and bid currently have rally fighter sale In just 600 miles. If you have the money, this could be yours for the low ‘get ready to pay big time’ price. There are still 7 days left in the auction and he has already reached $42,000 at the time of writing.

2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Photo: car and bid

Doug Demuro also posted a video review of Rally Fighter. quirks and features, he also mentions a particularly interesting piece of information. Apparently, the seller worked for Local Motors and when production stopped, he bought the rights to the Rally Fighter. So even if it’s no longer in production, if you really want something new, technically it’s still possible.

2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Photo: car and bid

And given that it’s a very low-volume car, there must be a lot of oddities in the Rally Fighter. For example, the door handles are made by Honda, so you use the Honda key to get in, but the steering column is Ford, so you have to use the Ford key to actually start the engine. On the other hand, the engine was the 6.2-liter LS3 that Chevrolet used in the Corvette at the time. It was actually a Franken car, Awesome Frankenker.

2015 Local Motors Rally Fighter

Photo: car and bid

It will be very interesting to see how much this rally fighter will sell for in the end. Prices are already rising rapidly and $100,000 seems to be within reach.then again when bring a trailer sold 3,300 mile rally fighter It sold for $75,000 a few months ago. While we wait to see if this car’s low mileage will help push him into six-figure territory, you can see Doug’s review below.

Local Motors’ Rally Fighter is a hell of an off-road sports car

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