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‘Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge’ TV Show promises car toys in 1:1 scale

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Hot Wheels, the beloved toy car brand, is launching a new TV show on NBC.It’s not the first time for die casting car offal in the meantime upon screenBut this time it’s not an animated show for kids. Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge It’s like a reality show about building a life-sized car that captures the spirit of an orange truck-tested toy.

If I get the premise right, each episode will have Hot Wheels “superfans” competing against each other.[turn] Turn nostalgic cars from the past into the life-size Hot Wheels of your dreams. ” top gear US Host and car enthusiast Rutledge Wood ranks the completed works by a different celebrity judge each episode. Leading the personalities are Ford designer Dalal Elsheikh and drift scene influencer Hart Eugene Jr.

Of course, as a reality show, everything won’t be as simple as it seems. It has been described as “a larger-than-life vending machine that spins up with each episode and presents superfans with a road trip”. No further details were provided.

The winner of each episode will win $25,000 in cash and a chance to enter the season finale. The final episode features his three-way competition for $50,000. The winning build at the end of the 10-episode season not only takes cash home, but it becomes a miniature and immortal as a hot-hi-wheels toy car you can buy.

Unlike many other die-cast toy car brands, Hot Wheels has carved out a unique niche. Instead of accurately reproducing the car on a small scale, the toy should exhibit a sense of speed. Designed to be raced on an infinitely configurable plastic track, the Hot Wheels designer has created many fantasy his designs that have no analogue in the real world. Even Hot Wheels versions of popular cars, including everything from Mustangs to Skyline GT-Rs, tend to feature custom stances and spoilers that aren’t factory originals.

NBCUniversal Executive VP Corie Henson said:

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